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You know how on Star Trek and other futuristic shows/movies people are always dressed in streamlined and functional yet still stylish clothing? Why don't we all start wearing this clothing now? If it's where fashion is headed, we should start dressing like that now and get a jump start on the future (which is usually portrayed as being better than now, unless it isn't). This makes so much sense to me I think I need to take up sewing again.

Also, I have concluded that I need to shop for tiny flags (like the kind on toothpicks), except not U.S. flags. I want to be able to stick these flags into things and say, (for example) "I claim this muffin for Albania!" I could claim anything soft this way, and maybe I could get flag stickers for the hard things.

This morning I'm wearing a red sweater with a red shirt underneath, and the reds are slightly different, which reminds me of the Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh (aka Osho). This is because during my high school years, the Bhagwan established an ashram in Oregon (which is where I grew up) and for a long time we were seeing his followers in Eugene or hitchhiking to Antelope (where the ashram was), and they were always dressed all in red, but rarely matching reds. The youth minister at the church I went to picked up a hitchhiking Rajneeshi (as they were called) who had been to the ashram and had grown disillusioned. He was a German guy who wanted to go back home, but he needed to find a way to get the money for his plane ticket. He stayed with the youth minister for awhile (don't remember how long) and mainly what I remember about him is that he was gentle and fairly quiet but was clearly trying to get in the pants of the church girls--he did not succeed, as far as I know. He also had apparently never seen or used deodorant in his life; my first encounter with willful stinkyness. At some point he went back to Germany and the Rajneeshi sightings dwindled down to nothing, but I still think of the Bhagwan sometimes when I see mismatched reds.

I thought of a new potential club for high schoolers this morning; The Future Expatriates of America (FEA). They could meet to talk about how much they want to live in other countries and could research the feasibility of moving elsewhere; the laws and such. Every month they could talk about a different country and its culture, and they could take turns bringing in food from that country. Maybe they could have guest speakers; people who have lived elsewhere and can talk about their experiences. I think this is a really good idea, and the only thing stopping me from suggesting it to the Boy is the likelihood of club members getting their asses kicked by patriotic rednecks. You know it would happen, or at least it would've happened in My high school.

I haven't talked about my "resolutions" for the new year yet (except the not becoming famous one), because they're pretty basic and none are particularly dramatic. Besides my resolve to remain anonymous I also intend to have a lot more sex and to continue making changes to my habits and lifestyle that will make me healthier. I also want to talk to people more, so as to overcome my general fear of them, and become a better conversationalist. This may include (if I can work it out) attending stitch-n-bitch nights at the local yarn store, because god knows I love to knit, and what better place to meet people?

Speaking of knitting, yesterday I called in sick (I hadn't slept well again and was feeling generally low and depressed (thanks pms!) and thought I'd go ahead and use 8 of my 200+ saved up sick hours. It was a lovely day, chock full of knitting in front of the television. I finished Grace's hat (I have a picture and would post it except it is very large) and started on a purse for my fabulous niece--got it a little over half done. I know she doesn't Need a purse, but this one is very cute and she can carry toys around the house with it. Also, my great-aunt Mer made me a felt purse when I was little and I loved it and still have it, so I will make this aunt purse thing a tradition. And I figured out why I love knitting so much. In a nutshell, the more I knit the more I see the possibilities of knitting, and the possibilities churn up the rest of my brain, not just the knitting cells. I feel a lot more creative about Everything when I'm knitting stuff, and I really love that. I think it's the same with most hobbies people have--it's not Just the hobby they like, it's the way the hobby makes them think about things. Please feel free to dispute that in my guestbook, if you disagree. Anyway, the purse has me all riled up about color knitting, because there's a stripe sort of thing going on, and now I'm thinking about knitting things with more than one color. For instance, I am fixated on the idea of making something that has colored cables--the whole garment one color except for the cable or cables. I'm thinking about a black and white skirt and an orange and yellow scarf, specifically. The scarf will be made first, for practice. After I finish the sweater and the baby blanket I've been working on. And the purse. And a couple of washcloths, because I have an interesting pattern I want to try.

Our Tae Kwon Do class on Monday night went well. It was really weird at first to be in a class with children, but there were a couple of very young girls there who provided so much comic relief that I got over the weirdness quickly. The teacher is great and I enjoy his teaching style, especially all the digression, plus he complimented my kicks (that kickboxing class I used to take paid off). I'm sore from all the punching and kicking, and I like that. I found out the teacher is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a second degree black belt in Aikido, and a 1st degree black belt in some Osakan form of Karate (he said the name but I forget). So I would advise you to not start a fight with him, should you ever get the opportunity. We have class again tonight, but it turns out we may only have it once a week in the future, because he might have to change the Wednesday class to Tuesday or Thursday, which is when Boy already has Tae Kwon Do, afterschool, and one Tae Kwon Do class per day is enough. I think it would be okay to have it only once a week, because it turns out the studio is a 30 minute drive, one way, from our house, and we're not going to love all that driving, since it will be on work/school nights.

Recently I've decided to start shopping for clothes at thrift stores. This is one part disenchantment with the planned obsolescence of the fashion industry and two parts interest in the challenge of finding cool used clothes. There is also a half part component of wanting to see what alterations can be made to used clothes to make them fit better or look cuter. I mean, why Not buy secondhand clothes? It's not like we Americans really wear out many clothes; we just get tired of them or too fat to wear them, right? How I will incorporate this thrift store thing into the futuristic clothes thing, I'm not sure, but maybe I can find a way.

Diet cherry coke is pretty good.


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