I wanna be a housewife baybee


How I'm going to live through my first Tae Kwon Do class tonight is anyone's guess, because this morning I woke up at 3:30-ish and couldn't go back to sleep. I laid in the bed (and suffered the Slideshow of Horrors, courtesy of my brain) until about 4:30, at which point Esther (who was a little nutty from having a half of cyproheptadine before bed--she's still coughing a lot), stepped on my pms tender boob and made me give up the whole laying in bed thing. I wept a little from frustration at not being able to sleep, and Francisco, who had also been laying awake for some reason, put Esther off the bed and then got up with me. We drank coffee and watched a couple of Phantom Dennis's offerings (a 2nd season West Wing episode and last night's Nova, about the Mars rover--Very Interesting). I had started the girly hat for Grace (see also last Friday's entry) last night and worked on it a bit this morning as well. It wasn't a bad start to the day, except that by 7:30 I was finally feeling sleepy again, and had to come to work instead of going back to bed. Also, we ate breakfast at about 5:30, so by 8:30 I was ready for breakfast all over again. I ate some peanuts then and by 11:30 I was starving again. I ate my both lunch and my afternoon snack before 1:30 and have concluded that I won't catch up today, foodwise. I could eat a whole big mess of something and be hungry again in a couplethree hours--getting up that early throws EVerything off. A good thing about it, though, is I bet we'll sleep really good tonight, because how could we not? We'll be dead.

The weather this weekend was Gorgeous--low to mid 70s both Saturday and Sunday. We took advantage of the weather yesterday and did some work in the yard. I pulled a bunch of weeds, including a whole wheelbarrow full of invasive parsley that was choking our Lenten rose. I love the Lenten rose, so I cursed that parsley out good while ripping it up by the roots. I left some but most of it is now in the compost pile, where it belongs as far as I'm concerned. Rotten smothering volunteer parsley. Francisco came out and planted a bunch of pansies I had purchased yesterday morning and they look good; it's nice to have something blooming because nothing else in our yard is. We also took a walk yesterday and it was nice to see people outside in t-shirts, enjoying the weather. It's still in the 70s today but tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 40s again, and in the 40s the rest of the week.

Eh, I've got nothing else to tell right now. I made dinner last night, which is sort of a thing for me, since Francisco does most of the cooking. Made soup, cornbread, and salad. Not gourmet but Boy and his friend (who was over for the day) liked it, as did we, so it was just fine. I need to start cooking more, to get practiced at it again in the hopes that when we move (whenever that is) I can implement my coveted plan of working half or 3/4 time, which would mean I'd do the cooking. Sold! I'd gladly give up several hours per week of working in exchange for cooking. And gardening, and home improvement, and of course the knitting obsession. Scratch that 3/4 time--I want to work half time. That would be fabulous. If we could afford it I wouldn't work at all--I'd like to be a housewife, for real, and I know Francisco and Boy wouldn't object if it didn't make us poor. I guess it's a slap in the face for feminism to say I want to be a housewife, but screw that, because the things that interest me most are not located anywhere near my job. If I can find a job I like, that would be great and I wouldn't mind working, but at this job the best thing I can imagine is being a housewife, because this job continues to suck ass and my house is the place I flee to when the work day is over. How can I not long to stay there in the mornings? I can't, that's how.

Going to flee home pretty soon and later go to Tae Kwon Do. Wish me luck!


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