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You will never believe what I'm going to do on Saturday. I got a postcard in the mail, inviting me to attend a bead festival, and I'm going to go. BUT, this is no ordinary bead festival. This is an Intergalactic bead festival! I will not only be looking at beads and hopefully finding and purchasing this one specific kind of ring blank I've been looking all over for, I will also be rubbing elbows with the crafty elite from all over the galaxy. There will perhaps be tentacles and hopefully a Kang and Kodos sighting, and I'm really quite excited to go. Wish me luck on the ring blanks, because if I can find them, I will be able to implement this fantastic ring idea I've had for awhile, and that I requested and received a soldering iron for, on my birthday. People will be lining up for these rings, if I can find the damn blanks already.

We did Tae Kwon Do last night again, and it was good. We got to punch and kick a pad, repeatedly (we lined up and took turns). The best thing about that was watching the tiny, funny girls, when it was their turn. They are so, so very bad at it, but I don't expect them to be good, as they are both only 4. The teacher confirmed he has to change the Wednesday night class to Tuesday or Thursday, and that's okay because we'll just go to class on Monday nights, until the schedule changes back. And last night I was lamenting going to class after dinner, because I really wanted a glass of wine and I knew it would be a bad idea to have wine and then go exercise, so I didn't have one. Doing Tae Kwon Do only one night a week gives me an extra night to have wine, and how could that be wrong? It couldn't, that's how.

Okay, I did a dumb thing this afternoon. I've been reading the Seattle craigslist postings off and on, since we want to move to that area and I like to see what kinds of jobs are available. Someone was advertising that they need a psychic, so I emailed that person and told them if they don't need someone to be local, they should email me back. Because, see, I think I could totally be the kind of psychic someone needs, especially since I'd give the first few "readings" for free and let the person decide whether they want to continue and pay me. Honestly I think what people want from psychics is advice, and I can give really good advice. Most psychics are probably just people who were too lazy to go to psychiatry school, and that's me all over. We'll see what happens with this thing--I can always back out when I come to my senses, which actually is already happening. Uch, why'd I do that?? I am ridiculous.

Time to go home and drink some wine.


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