next it'll be a dangerous heat wave


When I got my new work computer a couple of weeks ago and was setting up some program (Real Player, I think), I had the option to get weather information on my desktop and I absentmindedly said okay. Now when I log into my computer in the morning I get an update based on my zip code, and whenever there are weather advisories, the minimized thingie for the weather channel (let me know if I'm being too technical, okay?) flashes and there's a little thunder noise. Thing is, I think the weather advisories are jokes, because they never ever pan out. A couple weeks ago the weather advisory said we would have horrible wind storms overnight and that trees might blow over and etc, and there was no wind, none. This morning there was a weather advisory that we would get snow flurries, and I glanced out the window to see cloudless blue skies. Weather Channel, I enjoy your little jokes, but is that really professional? I think not.

So far we have 5 or 6 people on board the Postcards to Ms. Kwon project, but we can have up to infinity people participating, so if you'd like to join in, guestbook or email me and I'll give you the address. AND I received several cell numbers, to which I have happily texted today--that was fun. Anyone else?

I don't have much to tell today. I met a friend for lunch at my favorite diner--a guy I used to work with who was passing through today. It was fun to see him and I'm still shaking my head from some of the stories he was telling me. He might be the only straight man I know who accidentally starts dating women and doesn't realize they're dating until the woman either emerges from her bedroom wearing lingerie while he's watching her television, or wants to talk about where the relationship is going. He's all like, "what relationship?", or "whoa, why are you wearing that?!". This absolutely kills me. Anyway, that was fun and out of the ordinary and I'm glad he stopped off on his way through.

Here are a couple of pictures of Chris as a child that I loaded to Flickr last night:

old man takes a ride

Chris on rocks

If that second picture doesn't make the line "It's all for you, Damien!" pop into your head, you should rewatch The Omen. Or I should have The Omen cleansed from my brain--one or the other.

Song of the Day (I'm going to cut back to one per day for now; finding several feels like too much work lately, not that I've been doing it, mind): The Concretes -- On The Radio, at The Rich Girls Are Weeping.

We have so many excellent shows saved on Tivo right now that I don't know where to start watching. House, Lost, Outback House, Globe Trekker (which is a fantastic show--Ian Wright makes me laugh so much I get a little dizzy), and shoot I don't even know What all. So tonight I will watch television, call my friend, Isabel, for our phone date, and then watch television: The three ingredients.

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