goodbye, money


So, you remember the Postcards to Strangers Project? It has not yet gotten off the ground, but that's okay because I'd like to change it to the Postcards to Ms. Kwon Project. That's the eBay seller's name, see. The one who last night answered her phone and told me Ms. Kwon was not home, but I know she was lying. The one who won't even grant me the courtesy of speaking to me after stealing my money. How can one shame a person like that? I have concluded it's impossible and I have furthermore concluded it's not worth it to me to keep trying to get my money back. It's making me a little crazy and causing me to miss sleep, so I hereby officially let my money go. I'm going to write Ms. Kwon a letter to say I'm finished trying to deal with her and that I'm going to let her keep my money but I hope she remembers she got it by stealing it. And then? I'm going to send her anonymous postcards forever or until it stops being fun. I mean, I might as well get SOMEthing out of being ripped off, right? The postcards are not meant to be harassing re: the money she took--that's over and done after I send her the letter--they are, rather, meant to confuse her, just like with the Postcards to Strangers project.. She is merely the specific stranger who has presented herself as the perfect recipient for anonymous postcards. Does anyone want in on this project? I wouldn't expect others to send Ms. Kwon more than one postcard unless they wanted to, and who knows, maybe I'll get tired of it after the first one I send. If you want in, let me know and I'll give you her address.

Other than this, what do I have to talk about.....let's see....oh I know--I got my blood taken this morning for a cholesterol test. BIG EXCITEMENT. Also, I've been enjoying sending text messages to people I like, such as Max and Dreas, and today I sent a text to funny Mike from my high school class:

Mike da man

I got his cell number that night some of us closed down that bar in our hometown at the reunion last summer--there was much drunken exchanging of numbers--but I've never called him. I told him "Keep your fork; there's pie". Does anyone want to receive random text messages from me?

I thought not. Oh well, it doesn't hurt to ask.

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