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Here is something you've GOT to see. Max passed it on to me and I'm passing it on to you. Enjoy!!

This has been sort of a clean-up week for me. Not at work, though a bit there too, but I've just been doing stuff I've been needing to do for awhile, like getting my cholesterol checked and getting my hair cut (which I'm leaving to do in a few minutes). I have possibly the best thing so far to hang on the little hooks today, thanks to Francisco who rummaged it out of Sharky's stuff. It's a windbreaker-type coat (action figure sized, of course) that says Federal Marshal on the back, and I have a small plastic AK47 to hang with it. AWESOME. I hope Dennis likes it.

Tonight we are going to watch a crapload of television. Sharky had a lot of homework last night, so we only watched Lost and still have all that other good tv to get through. Francisco bought us some brie and wine to have before dinner and man oh man, we have got ourselves a Friday night here. Tomorrow I don't really have plans, but hopefully I can continue this clean-up thing I've got going, and Sunday I have to take Sharky and his friend Ryan to participate in some UNC study about teenagers and their phone use. They receive $25 each for this, and I receive....wait for it....Nothing. That figures.

Song of the day: The Proclaimers -- I'm Gonna Be, the acapella version, at Yeti Don't Dance. SUPER.

Have a good weekend, kids.

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