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If you'd needed to locate me this morning at about 8:00, you could have found me in my bathroom, trying to dry my hair while yelling at a mosquito that had eluded my attempts to murder him. He not only repeatedly escaped death, he also bit me on the right foot, between my big and second big toe. How rude! What I told him was, it's not right to bite a girl between the toes during sandal season, because how can I wear the thong sandals now without going crazy? That sumbitch.

He was probably attracted to my foot in the first place because of the pedicure I had on Saturday morning, right after I got a hot stone massage that was FANtastic. I'd never had a massage before, but my coworkers had given me that big spa gift certificate, and it was due to expire soon, so I cashed it in this weekend. I now want to be a massage therapist so I can give hot stone massages to others--it was just that good. And I want the massage girl, Allison, to live in my sock drawer so I can get the massages any time I want. Two thumbs up, way up, for the hot stone massage. The pedicure was a pedicure, except more painful. That scrubby pink stuff they use felt like it was flaying the skin from the tops of my feet. I knew I could tell her it hurt, but I preferred to sit there thinking, "ow. ow. ow. ow. ow." I don't know why.

Okay, at the risk of sounding like a total geek, I have to tell you something. We bought the extended versions of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers and watched both films this weekend, and honest to dog, people, the extended films are absolutely worth having. They're much better than the theatrical versions, because the scenes added in fill in gaps in the story and develop the characters a lot more. When the extended versions were first made available, I was thinking pfft, why do I need those? I thought it was merely a way to make people spend more money, and I guess it sort of is (I mean, they could've just released the extended versions instead of the theatrical versions), but now that I've seen the films, I think everybody should watch them. They're very good! That is all.

Another movie we saw this weekend was The Triplets of Bellville, a strange animated French movie that was highly entertaining. I recommend it for the dog alone. Also, I went to see Troy again on Friday afternoon, with a friend (took the afternoon off, had lunch, saw movie), and I have to say, it did not improve on a second viewing. I enjoyed it the first time, for the skirts and the fighting, but the second time it felt too long and I was waiting for it to be over. It was still a fun afternoon, and my friend gave me some devilled eggs (in a small cooler with a coldpack, so no food poisoning) and those were delicious.

This weekend I also looked at 28 student files and read Stephen Fry's latest, 'Revenge'. I got about halfway through it when I realized it was an update of The Count of Monte Cristo, and then I looked at the flyleaf where it said that in the first place (hadn't read the flyleaf). I mean, I would've read it anyway, if I'd read the flyleaf in advance, but whatever. I enjoyed it--Stephen Fry is a good writer.

Wearing my contacts again, and the eye seems okay. The lens still feels a bit uncomfortable, but I'm putting drops in and it's not red, so whatever. I think it's the aggressive air conditioning that's causing the problem--my eyes are sort of dry to start with, but when everything is air conditioned, due to very hot temperatures, that doesn't help.

I have waaay too much work to do, but at least I had a good weekend. I got a lot done but still feel like I relaxed, and a girl can't ask for more than that.


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