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I got my ticket for Scotland last night, which was exciting but also sort of crushing. I was trying to use my frequent flier miles, though I knew I might not be able to, since I'm booking so late, and for awhile it looked like it was going to work out. The airline lady told me the flight over that I wanted (meeting up with my friend, Diana, in Newark) was fine but she needed to check the return trip, and that's where the snag hit. She couldn't get me on a flight back (with the miles) even a few days before or after when I wanted to come back, or even out of different airports in the general vicinity. So my only option was to pay for it, which I had sort of thought I'd have to do anyway, until I got my hopes up about being about to use the flier miles. Oh well, right? I'll be getting miles for the trip, and miles for the ticket cost, since the credit card gives me miles also, and eventually we'll take a trip for which we can use our miles. Francisco has enough miles for a Europe trip too, so our next vacation to wherever will be cheap. I'll keep consoling myself with that.

But hey, I'm going to Scotland! I'm very excited, especially since I found out our tour will kick ass. Did I tell you Diana booked a tour for herself and her sister (who had to back out because her husband's job transferred him and they have to move during that time, so I'm taking her place)? This tour looks really cool, and it's tailored to people who are either young adults or who are older and don't have sticks up their asses. I would fall into that latter category, since I'm 36, and I'm very excited to go. It's a small tour (the buslet seats 16), and we'll stay at hostels and do community breakfasts and dinners, and we're seeing just a lot of damn stuff. Including the Orkney Islands, people! And you know how I've been restricting my carbs? I think I'm going to try to make beer my only carb while I'm there, for how in the world could that strategy fail? Just so you know, I have two main goals for the trip: 1) I want to hear one person call another person a 'big girl's blouse', and 2) I want to pop into Marks & Spencer in Edinburgh, to visit the MAC counter and see if they have the Eddie Izzard lipstick colors. These are modest goals, yes? The first one will be harder to achieve, since it is fully out of my control, but I'll keep my ears open and try to hear as many things as I can. I also want to take a huge number of pictures, but that's not really a goal.

I'm wearing my glasses today, because I've had a sore right eye all week, and last night both Francisco and I thought we saw a little blistery sort of thing on the eye. I went to the eye doctor this morning and found out it's not a blister (ulcer), it's just an irritation, and that's good news because it means I only have to lay off the contacts for a few days. I figure I'll wear my glasses through the weekend and then go back to lenses and see what happens.. I hate wearing my glasses, as you might know, but sacrifices have to be made.

Yesterday was Francisco's 38th birthday, and he hates making a big deal out of it, so I told him happy birthday and gave him lots of hugs and kisses, and that was about it, since he got his gift, like, a month ago (the kilt, and then the Doc Martens, to go with the kilt). We got barbecue for dinner, so he didn't have to cook, and we spent time watching Colonial House, which is a really kickass show. Paul from Manchester is my hands-down favorite so far. Have you seen it? I'll tell you, I would not want to be on that show, or on Pioneer Quest, because a little discomfort goes a long way for me.

I think that's all I have today. I've got files up the yingyang (where IS the yingyang, anyway?) and need to post this and keep working on them.


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