that's my catnip bagel


This morning Sharky came downstairs for breakfast and chose a bagel, but because our toaster had just broken that morning, he opted not to bother to slice it and instead brought it into the living room to eat whole. Francisco and I were watching a soccer game--Liverpool vs Luton Town (FA Cup game; we didn't finish it yet, so don't tell me the final score)--and we hadn't turned on the lights so it was pretty dark in there. Sharky got up after a couple of minutes to get a beverage, and when he came back he made a little 'huh' noise and reached for something on the floor before stopping and withdrawing his hand.

HIM: Oh, that's Esther's catnip toy--I thought it was half of my bagel.
ME: You thought you left half a bagel on the FLOOR?
HIM: Well, that's the way you're raising me.

As groggy as he is in the morning, he's surprisingly quick with the jokes.

Let me ask you this, internet: Do you keep a running To-Do project list? I do and until this weekend I kept the list tacked to my bedroom bulletin board, but I decided to transfer it into my paper journal. I put it on the back page so that I can flip to it immediately, and if I need more pages I'll just go to the second to last and third to last and etc. I like the idea of having it in there so I can cross out what I've done and have all those crossed-through items in there to remind myself that I'm making progress. I also put my To-Read lists in the paper journal and basically I feel this is a personal advancement in list-making technology. When I finish off this journal I'll transfer the undone part of my list onto the last page of That journal, and so on.

After I did this big list thing on Saturday, I thought of a new project; one that will be ongoing: Postcards to strangers. Francisco and I have accumulated a small stack of crappy tourist postcards from various vacations and car trips and whatnot that we didn't end up sending, and I don't want to just throw them away because I hate throwing away perfectly useable things. And given the ease of gaining the names and addresses of people, via the internet, why not send these postcards to people I don't know? I'm not sure what messages I'll write, but they'll be innocuous and I will sign only my first name. THEN, last night when I was having a bit of insomnia, it occurred to me it could be fun for a bunch of people from around the country (or world, but that might be too ambitious) to all send a postcard to the same stranger. Would anyone be interested in this project? We could send our postcards on the same day, so that most of them would arrive to the stranger on the same day (not all, given the weirdness of mail), and can you imagine getting a bunch of mystery postcards all at once? Awesome. It seems awesome to ME, anyway--do you think it would creep people out? That's not at all what I want. If there's enough interest in this project, maybe I could start a separate diary or blog specifically for it, so that we could all include the url on our postcards, because I think that would make it less creepy for the recipient.

I've been thinking about people on Flickr who I like for one reason or other but do not know, and I thought I'd tell you about them a few at a time. Maybe you'll be interested or maybe you won't, but here we go:

I like Briantology because he seems really cool and nice and is completely hilarious. He posts pictures of his adorable baby, his wife, friends, cats, and scenes from television shows, which he then makes ruthless fun of (shows include 90210, Dynasty, and various soap operas). He's the kind of person you wish you lived next door to, you know?

Archie Pix specializes primarily in amusing photos of events in his life, but occasionally he posts more "arty" pictures. Mostly his photos are of his friends and the stuff they get up to, and though I don't know any of them, the photos and resulting comments make me laugh.

Diastema takes AMAZING pictures, just really effing fantastic, and she's nice and funny to boot. She favors photos featuring toys in various scenarios, and she also does gorgeous self portraits.

I probably shouldn't include this one, since it will go straight to his head, but Lexhall (aka Bob Bobson) knocks me out with his cross-processed photos, as well as with his photos of meat. He has a lot of good photos of his friends/family/places he's been also, so his photostream is worth looking at even if you don't like meat or crazy colors.

Flickr list to be continued at a later time. Over.

On Friday night we watched 'Millions', and I recommend it VERY highly. It's a gorgeous and sweet but not sickening film, and the kid in the main role was so good and so cute I want to put him in my pocket. Even Sharky liked it and his teenage cynicism is at an all-time high. Several thumbs up.

Songs of the Day:

Pepe Bradock -- I Am Your Mind Pt II, at Banana Nutrament.

Louis Bertignac and Carla Bruni -- Les Froleuses, at Filles Sourires.

The Like -- (So I'll Sit Here) Waiting, at The Rich Girls Are Weeping.

I dropped the contest photos off to be developed and they'll be ready tomorrow, though I'm not sure I'll go get them tomorrow.

Today I've been listening to a playlist on shuffle, and a minute ago Gwar's 'Wharghoul' came on and drove all thoughts from my head. I think I had more to tell you, but it is Gone for now.


PS One thing I wanted to say is I am very happy.

PPS Also, I wish I could sleep better. I went through a short phase of sleeping like a champ, but for the last week, it's been horrible sleep. Come on, Universe. |


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