the truth is a joke


Yesterday I found out I can say pretty much anything I want to my boss, and he'll think I'm joking. I had suspected that was the case, but yesterday I got confirmation.

HIM: I'm back [he'd been on a business trip]--did you miss me?
ME: NOOOOOO, but welcome back.
HIM: ....
ME: Jane [second in command boss--not her real name] says you like me to be mean to you, because it counteracts all the butt kissing everyone else does.
HIM: [laughs for, like, 30 seconds] Nobody here kisses my butt.
ME: Oh PLEASE. It's like all butt kissing, all the time.
HIM: Don't you think they just like me?
ME: Nope. No way. It's butt kissing.
HIM: [leaves laughing]

This is befuddling, but in a Good way.

Last night after work I went to pick up a refill of my Synthroid, and again--AGAIN--they did the thing of giving me 3 pills because they didn't have enough Synthroid to fill the prescription that day, so now I have to go back tonight or tomorrow and get the rest. This happens probably every other time and I'm tired of it. I am Totally breaking up with that pharmacy and will transfer my prescription before my next refill. It's a good idea anyway, because I'll transfer it to Costco where it will A) be cheaper (this will be especially important for the period of time we don't have health insurance, after our move) and B) make it easier to transfer to WA state, when we move. I am especially glad to get my prescription out of the current pharmacy, because yesterday when I went to pick up the pills I also wanted to buy [this is probably TMI] thong panty-liners, and they didn't carry them. They had many brands and varieties of regular panty-liners, so this lack of the thong variety makes me suspect an unpleasant Puritanical ethic lurking in the hearts of the management. Goodbye Kerr Drug, you pissant hole of a pharmacy. I will not miss you.

FACTOID [noticed by Francisco and passed on to me, which I will now pass on to you]: On Monday, the New York Times online's number one most emailed article was about the exploding epidemic of diabetes in New York City. The number three most emailed article that day was a recipe for "Crusty Macaroni and Cheese".

So, that asshole on Ebay who never sent me my Liverpool jersey or a refund responded to me, finally, and offered to send me another jersey. I told him I wanted the refund he promised me, because I already bought a Liverpool jersey, and then I didn't hear from him for days. This morning I had email from him that said he really wants to send me another jersey instead of a refund because he already reinvested my money into his business. This is obviously ridiculous and not my problem, but I'm pretty sure if I try to insist on a refund, I will never hear from him again OR get a jersey. So I told him to send me another jersey, and I'll just give it to Sharky (if I actually get the jersey which I bet I won't); he'll be glad to get another jersey for his collection, and he doesn't already have Liverpool. But I'm pissed off and would love to get revenge on this seller in some way, but it's hard to wreak vengeance on someone who lives in Thailand, you know? I want to declare that I'll never buy from anyone internationally again, except I got the Smena 6 from a guy in Ukraine, and that worked out extremely well. So I'll just declare that I'll be really careful from now on, which I was already being before anyway, but whatever.

Songs of the Day:

Beck -- Where It's At, at Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good.

David Bowie -- Queen Bitch, at Badminton Stamps.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo -- Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain, at SoundRoots.

Viva Voce -- Wrecking Ball, at Shake Your Fist.

Cordero -- Come On, Dear, at My Old Kentucky Blog.

David and the Citizens -- Let's Not Fall Apart, at Swedes, Please.

That's all I have to say today, except I watched Rollergirls again last night and it inspired me to actually check to see if there's a roller derby league in central WA; there's not. So now, before I can start a team called The Librarians, I have to start a roller derby league. Oy, I've got my work cut out for me.

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