the first three days


Here are some things I've been doing lately:

1) Participating in the spring 7 Days photo run, on Flickr. I joined the group awhile back but could never seem to get my act together enough to actually take pictures when it was time. I'm glad I'm finally participating, because it's a lot of fun. Just three days worth of pictures so far.

Day One:

my secret garage boyfriend

Day Two:

7 Days: Day Two - Pajama Style

Day Three:

I bought myself two presents today

What I'm holding is a little bud vase that I saw yesterday and loved (and bought), and I also bought the black and white ring yesterday and am wearing it today. Rings are my favorite jewelry, because I can look at them all day long, (unlike earrings and necklaces) and they make me happy.

And speaking of rings, I still have not received my ring blanks or pendant bails. I sent an email to the seller and she replied to say she'll mail them to me as soon as she receives them her ownself, from the factory in China. I read her feedback and most of the reviews are positive AND mention the very long shipping time, so I will keep waiting and hopefully the supplies will be worth the wait.

2) Doing a little reorganization. I cleaned up my bedside table and put all the pending-to-be-read magazines into a magazine holder (our bedside tables are large). I also reordered the drawers and etc, and it looks a lot nicer/less cluttery. I was going to work on reorganizing my crafty supplies, this weekend, but ultimately did not feel up to it. Next weekend, for sure. I have plans for our sun porch, too -- will clean it up and add a small bookcase (probably melamine, for easy cleaning) to hold shoes and small garden implements. We have artichokes and peppers growing in there (the peppers are taking their sweet time to get started) that we'll transplant into the garden when it's time, and we'll be starting other things as well, but there's no reason we can't also sit out there and enjoy it, right?

3) Being a bit miserable. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail, and some people know this already, but I just started a soy elimination diet, because I'm almost positive I've developed an intolerance to it, based on digestive problems I experience when I eat it. I started this on Monday, after another uncomfortable weekend. Problem: Soy is in so many things, in some form or another--I didn't actually realize how many things it's in until I decided to lay off it. I will be making a lot more stuff from scratch for the duration; I have plans to make crackers, mayonnaise, bread [made a loaf Sunday], salad dressing, and who knows what all. This is going to be a good thing but when I think about not being able to have chocolate for the duration, I start to feel sorry for myself. So I don't think about it.

The weather has been so nice lately. It rained a bit on Sunday, but other than that has been sunny and gorgeous for several days. The wind has started up, so being outside is not an unmitigated joy, but it's still very happy-making. My thoughts have turned to gardening and making our patio nice. We thought about getting a sunbrella awning, but I think first we're going to try a DIY kind of canopy thing. It will be far less expensive and (I think) more charming. Win/win. I want to have lots of dinner parties this summer. Small ones, probably, but maybe we'll try a larger one.

Happy Spring!



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