I can't even imagine the vicious glaring I'd have gotten


Yesterday I got up at 3:30 and drank coffee and assembled my stuff for the day and showered and dressed. At 5:30 I picked up my boss (the big boss) and a coworker and drove them to Seattle for a meeting. The meeting was not what we thought it would be and we were all a bit puzzled about what the meeting's organizers were expecting to accomplish with it, and we ended up leaving early. The last thing we did before leaving was attend "break-out" sessions on different topics (the large group split into several smaller groups) and my session was about diversity and racial sensitivity. I'd attended something similar before, and I was tired, and when I'm tired my brain gets very inappropriate. We did an opening "exercise" where we had to change our position in the room in response to statements being made by the leader. When the leader said, "My ancestors were interred" and only one person in the room [a woman I have to assume is Japanese] moved to the side of the room indicating YES, my inappropriate brain desperately wanted me to point at her and yell "HA-ha!". You'll be happy to know I resisted the temptation and didn't get myself kicked out of the meeting.

I typed out the above this morning, but the day has been wearing and I don't have the strength to tell you anything else right now. This works out nicely, since I don't really have anything else to report anyway. Hooray!




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