solid potato salad


Oh my peoples, there is so much whining I could do right now about how effed up my digestive system is. SO MUCH WHINING. I can't even tell you how sorry I feel for myself. This morning (after yet another miserable weekend) I made an appointment to see Doctor on Thursday, and I hope they scheduled me for more than a 15 minute time slot, because there is no way I can have all my problems addressed in 15 minutes. On a whim yesterday I googled IBS and HELLO I have like all the listed symptoms, so now I'm a bit freaked out because IBS has no cure, and I can't imagine dealing with this bullshit for the rest of my life. The weeping THE WEEPING. There are diets people with IBS can do that are supposed to help a lot, but the list of things a person Can't eat on the diets comprises more or less all my favorite things. No sugary fruits, no wheat, no legumes, no avocados or asparagus or artichokes (my favorite vegetables that start with A), and the list goes on and on.

Anyway, obviously I don't know For Sure that IBS is my problem. If it turns out to be the diagnosis, I will be glad to finally know exactly what my problem is, but I will also be at a complete loss as to what the hell I can eat for the rest of my life or how I can expect to take a crap ever again after giving up my morning half pot of coffee. The aloe juice I've been drinking is just not powerful enough (but at least it tastes disgusting).

So! That was just the tip of my whining iceberg -- you are welcome. And now I would like for you to enjoy a video Twyla linked to the other day (some of you have seen it already): It's here. It starts out normal enough but keep watching because things turn weird and then downright freakish.




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