mmm...fatted calf


To quote Atomic, from a few days ago--


The phones went crazy this afternoon and I almost went with them. At one point I talked to someone for two minutes and during that time I got 4 more calls/voice mail messages. Not such a good day, but the last day of April, which is a beautiful thing. Next week should be way less hellish.

This weekend we'll be going to the flea market so Francisco can buy his kilt a belt (the kilt is demanding accessories now, and the flea market has permanent shops, one of which is a leather goods place), and other than that, not too many plans. I intend to sit down with my Schwarzbein book and the Body for Life book, as well as several other materials to hammer out a diet and exercise regime for myself (emphasis on variety, so I don't get bored), which I will begin next week. Really the diet will not be a regime so much as a return to Schwarzbeinian principles, which served me well when I was sticking to them. The prodigal daughter is returning, Dr. Schwarzbein. Kill the fatted calf.

No, seriously, kill it--I'm really quite hungry.

Have a great weekend,


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