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This morning one of my coworkers was talking to another coworker, recounting an argument she'd had with her 10 year old daughter. Apparently they were arguing about whether something is a rectangle or not, and the daughter was maintaining that a 2 foot by 2 foot object is a rectangle. I guess they went back and forth on it for awhile, and I wanted to shout out, "Hit her with a 2 by 4 and say, 'THAT'S a rectangle!'". This is why I try to monitor what comes out of my mouth.

It pissed down rain this weekend, with a few breaks, but only a few. On Saturday Francisco and I went for a walk and then later went to a nursery and bought some plants, mostly perennials. We got one columbine plant, which is my favorite flower, hands down, but it was so hard to choose which variety, because there are so many. When we've moved (whenever that is) I want to have a whole shitload of columbine, hellebore, and peonies--they're all so gorgeous.

Otherwise this weekend we went to the mall, where Francisco purchased Doc Martens for his kilt (not a belt, though--he couldn't find one he liked) and I purchased two pairs of sandals, because I need them. In summer it's all sandals, all the time, and a girl has to have enough, right? Francisco and I also figured out an exercise program this weekend and made a list of healthy and acceptable meals (so that when we need to make dinner, we can refer to it. and by we, I mean him, since he's the main cook). We're each going to use the treadmill 3x a week and lift weights 3x a week, and we started this morning. He did treadmill and I did weights--tomorrow morning we switch. I'm so glad we're doing this together; it makes it much easier.

I guess it was a pretty boring weekend, but I enjoyed it. I like the enforced indoorness of a rainy weekend. Occasionally, anyway.

Work has sapped any creativity I might have had today. This entry is what it is.


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