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You know, I actually think I have the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever for real this summer--I'm still not sure that what I had last summer was it, though the antibiotics I got last year made me feel a lot better. The reason I think I have it for real this summer is because I've developed dark red spots (on my chest, fortunately covered by my shirt), which the doctor yesterday said would probably happen if I had the RMSF, in addition to my lighter colored neck rash. My god, could I BE any more pretty?? [the answer is yes, by the way] I started taking the antibiotics this morning, so hopefully the rash and spots will go away soon and I'll start feeling more clarity in my brain, for that has been severly lacking in the past week or so. I've had a slow....brain....thinking....thing (tm Minired).

Yesterday evening I was thinking about how I'd like to start introducing myself to people with fake and/or grandiose titles or declarations of my own choosing. Such as "Hi, my name is Eva--all shall fear me!" or "I'm Eva, healer of the downtrodden". Currently I have a sign on my office door that says, "I AM EVA: COUNTESS OF HILLSBOROUGH, MISTRESS OF GRACIOUS LIVING". No one has commented as of yet, but that's just fine, because I put it there to amuse me, not anyone else (though of course that would be a happy byproduct).

Now I want to tell you about The Kilt. Prof ordered a kilt last week from Utilikilts, as his birthday present (birthday is May 19) and he got it yesterday. He put it on, sans underpants, and wore it when he took Boy to the dentist. Apparently and not surprisingly, there was a lot of staring. He said the dentist herself, when entering the exam room, faltered a moment in her steps before continuing forward with determined eye contact. He caught her later giving it a furtive looking-over. He loves this. He loves, as he said, leaving "a wake of cognitive dissonance". He accompanied me to the store last night to get my Doxycycline prescription, and I witnessed the kilt staring firsthand. It IS pretty funny. People really think he's a guy going around in a skirt, and okay, technically it Is a skirt, but it's funny that people are so shocked by it. I don't know why people are afraid to play with gender and gender-related clothing, but they are. I, for one, would love to see construction workers going around in skirts (kilts!) and eyeliner, but I seem to be in the small minority there. My friends, can we not play?

My back hurts, and (unrelatedly) a lot of people are calling me to try and tell me how to do my job. This usually involves the idea of them getting more grant money--fancy that! Today a guy emailed twice to explain to me how I am miscalculating the federal formula, and I've spent a good half an hour (on two emails) explaining to him how he does not know his ass from a hole in the ground. Though not in those words. It is wearying, but this should be the last really hellish week.

My kingdom for some gluten-free macaroni and cheese!


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