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Esther and I are in a fight, but I'm the only one who knows it, since Esther's a cat and not very aware of things like fights and personal boundaries and how sometimes her ass is really stinky. I don't know what's going on with her, but ever since we got back from our two week holiday absence, she's been really testing the limits of how much shit she can get away with while we're sleeping. It started with her attempts to wake Francisco up in the morning, Much Earlier than usual. At, like, two in the morning instead of five. He's a fairly heavy sleeper and so is able to ignore her sometimes, but at other times she's unignorable, and that's aggravating for him, but her latest limit testing has been focusing on me, and that is unacceptable. In the past few days she's started sleeping on my pillow, trying to get under the covers, trying to wake ME up instead of Francisco, and, I swear to dog, COUGHING IN AN AGGRESSIVE MANNER. I mean, she has the asthma, so she sometimes has coughing fits, but I swear lately she's been faking it to wake us up. And then last night, after I rousted her from my pillow a couple of times, she took over Lucy's Place on the Bed, which is to the left of me, at hip level. Lucy has so little (by choice, mainly--no one's forcing her to spend so much time under the bed) that it makes me mad to see her kicked out of her nighttime spot, especially because it's the only time she cuddles with me. Esther's finale of nighttime irritations last night came after she failed to make me get out of bed this morning around 6:00. She jumped off the bed, ran into the living room, and started sharpening her claws on the sofa, which is something she hasn't done since she was a kitten and we drilled it into her and Lucy's heads that the sofa is off limits for claw sharpening. Fortunately for her we just clipped her claws, so she wasn't so much clawing the sofa as pawing it, or I would've levitated from the bed and descended upon her like an avenging angel. I just. What is wrong with her?? She better knock it off before I kick her stinky ass out of the bedroom altogether.

We had a pretty good weekend. Once again I didn't accomplish all the things on my list, but I did some things that weren't on there in the first place, so whatever. The party we went to on Saturday was fun and we met/remet some interesting people. What I didn't realize was the place would be crawling with children, but that was actually quite fun. I enjoy little children in small doses, and I particularly enjoy talking to them when their parents are out of earshot. "You look like a big Cheetoh", I said to one pre-verbal child as she toddled past me in her puffy yellow coat--she did not respond. I spent approximately 15 minutes assisting our friends' two-year old blow up balloons with some kind of pump, or rather, we blew up the same balloon over and over again, as he greatly enjoyed taking the balloon off the pump and letting it deflate in his hands. Funny. On Sunday we didn't really do anything, and yesterday we didn't do much until late afternoon, when we went to the big mall and I returned a sweater (xmas gift, didn't fit right) while Francisco and Boy watched a movie. We met up at the Mac store, which is a dangerous place. I fell for this G5, which of Course is way too expensive and unnecessary, and when we got home Francisco tried to do something on our G4 and there was a problem which prompted him to have to reinstall all the software. What I think happened is the G5 I was looking at (and caressing lovingly) sent a message home to the G4, causing it to seek revenge for my disloyalty. It could happen! Stupid G5--be less tempting!

I'm leaving work at 4:00 today to go to my annual eye check-up, which I was really looking forward to when I made the appointment because I get to talk to the new low vision maintenence/lens implantation specialist doctor about possibly getting that lens implantation surgery. I'm not so much looking forward to it now, because there has been a New Development and as a result I'm pretty sure the doctor will tell me I can't get the lens implantation. The new development occurred when we were at my parents' last month--my dad said he and my mom are both being treated for glaucoma. It's minor, in both their cases, but since I could also develop it at some point (thanks, heredity!) I would imagine this makes me not a candidate for the surgery. I don't know for sure, but I'm deducing that a person shouldn't get a lens implanted in their eyes if there's an elevated possibility they will someday have increased pressure in their eyeballs. So anyway, I'll go find out, but I'm ready for the doctor to give me bad news.

But at least I'll be warm while she gives me the news, which is not something I've been since I left home this morning. It's cold out and the office heating system isn't working right--it was 48 degrees in here at 8 this morning, and though it has warmed up, it's still way too chilly. We're all wearing our coats and making lots of typos because of cold fingers. Once again I'm reminded of what Stephen Colbert said on the Daily Show last year around this time; "Oh for a witch's tit with which to warm myself". I think of that far too often--maybe I'll have it engraved on my cremation urn.

Now if you'll pardon me, I need to pee.

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