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Okay, it's confession time. A couple months ago I established (and regularly monitor) a Tivo wishlist for Tommy Lee. This is because I know he has a reality show coming up (on MTV, I think?) where he "goes back to school" at some college or other, and for some twisted reason, I want to see it (at least once). I've never been a fan of Tommy Lee or Motley Crue, so I'm not sure why I'm interested, but oh I am. So far the wishlist has had no mention of the show, and I don't know when it's going to start, but I know I'm going to monitor that wishlist until it does. A slightly annoying thing is that the wishlist is also picking up stuff for Tommy Lee Jones, but it's pretty easy to tell their stuff apart. Tommy Lee = Lewd, Crued, and Tattooed; Tommy Lee Jones = Space Cowboys.

Last night our area got a lot of wind and rain, so though I got a little more sleep than I've been getting lately, it was a sleep disturbed multiple times with the rain and wind noises. This morning I heard my most irritating coworker exclaim to another coworker, "Wow, I didn't know 700 people were without power!" [after hearing that on the news, apparently]. I was instantly Very Aggravated. I mean, hello, there are so many horrible weather-related things happening around the world (and around the country, for that matter); 700 people being without power is definitely in the So What? category. I managed to restrain myself from expressing my aggravation, but it's still grating on me. I have the pms--did I mention that before? It should be over soon.

Very soon, if this migraine I'm getting is any indication. I've felt a little fuzzy all day and I guess my stupid body was just working up the energy to go all migrainey on me. I think I'll hurry and get the little bit of work done I have pending so I can go home early if the headache progresses.

This weekend we don't have too many plans. There's the Baby Jesus shopping and a party tomorrow we were invited to, but other than that it's just projects and finishing the things from last weekend's list that didn't get done. I hope your weekend is great!

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