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I am the boringest girl ever, lately; my apologies. We just finished up a whole day of sweltering (102 today--it was SUPPOSED to be 92, thankyouverymuch), until almost 5:00 when a storm blew in and cooled things off to the mid 80s) and then grilled some meat and ate it in the backyard with baguette, cherries, and beer. If there hadn't been yellowjackets swarming around, it would've been a lovely end to a day of helpless sweating. In an hour or so we're going to walk down to the park, watch fireworks, and maybe have a conversation with someone not in our family--WOO! I mean, I love Francisco and Sharky, but it's awfully nice to talk to Someone Else.

Yesterday Francisco and I went to Yakima, along the Yakima River canyon highway (hwy 821). It was a really nice drive:

Yakima River 2

...but Yakima itself was no great shakes. We went to Costco (oy) to get yeast, beer, and a few things not on our list, and then headed into the pathetic downtown area. We were looking for an Asian market and we found it, but it was closed for the day. We were also looking for the lone Indian restaurant, but didn't find it, and surmise it closed down. Instead we lunched on the worst Thai food ever before driving around a little more and heading back to Ellensburg. Sharky, in the meantime, went to a couple of stores he wanted to visit, and then found his way to the big theater in town to see some crappy movie. I was proud of him for finding the theater, because it wasn't easy to find (from where we are) and I was sure he'd give up, but no; he persisted like a trooper. So, it was a pretty good day for all of us, despite the 102 temperatures.

The day before that, Francisco and I went walking on the Iron Horse Trail, which used to be a railroad track, and wasn't strenuous or really interesting, but we saw some farms and stretched our legs a little.

Our poor cats have been laying around like ragdolls, so hot they've been. This is, of course, when they're not galloping up and down the hall in the early morning, to wake us up so we'll realize their food bowl is empty. Lucy especially likes running on the Pergo floor--her footsteps sound very horsey and loud, and don't think she doesn't know it. Every time she poops in her box, she comes shooting out of the Poo Room, through the living room, and down the hall."Yay, I'm LIGHTER!", she seems to be saying. So cute.

You know what dvd is good? Dave Chappelle's Block Party. We saw it a couple nights ago, and it's got everything--I recommend it.

Still unemployed, and no job interviews on the way. I would be very worried if I was allowing myself to think about it at all. Universe, I want to work for the chimps!!!

That is all.

Love, E

PS I did mention the chimp job I applied for, didn't I? |


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