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Dear Internet,

How are you? I am fine. I don't have too many things to report, but I wanted to write an entry anyway because I haven't been doing that often enough. Since I last posted, I've hiked

Mt. Adams

...and read and been woken up several times by phone calls prior to 7 in the morning. A couple of those were from our realtor, and he really did need to call too early, to talk to us about the latest bullshit the purchasers were pulling over the house sale. It all worked out and the closing was last Thursday, but I hope if there are any hurricanes which hit North Carolina this year, they make a beeline for our old house and give it a real working-over. I love that house, but the buyers, not so much.

Another thing I did during the past week was go to Seattle for 17 hours of fun with a few of my old coworkers. The national conference was in Seattle last week, so I went over on Friday afternoon and met up with them for drinks, dinner, and a lender-sponsored party at the Experience Music Project. That was a great party, I must say, and we made good use of the open bar. By we, I mean them--I started getting a headache not long after arriving there, so I had just the one gin and tonic and then switched to water. I'm glad I did, as I was called on to be the designated walker/purse carrier at the end of the evening, a job I did not mind at all. I will say no more about their drunkitude, since I promised not to go into detail, but it was pretty awesome. The party lasted until midnight and I doubt I fell asleep before 2:00. I slept badly, woke up for good just before 7:00, and left around 9:30 (they were flying out in a couple of hours and had packing and etc to do). I drove home, ate lunch, and took a much-needed nap. I'm so mad at myself, though, because I took my camera with me (of course) and then forgot it in the hotel room when we left for dinner and partying. And let me tell you, the photographs I could have taken at that party would have burned the whole internet to the ground with their fantasticness. Arggh, I'm still kicking myself for forgetting. Here are the two pictures I took, in the hotel room:

Pat, having trouble with her camera

Lori and 3 martinis in wine glasses

This week my goal is to really get my shit together in our new house, because we're almost all unpacked, but I still don't know where a lot of my stuff is, due to hastily shoving it into places unknown to get it out of the way when we first got here. So I need to find my stuff and (more importantly) establish some kind of routine for my days, because without one I'm completely wasting my time. This morning I made a To-Do list and have done several of the things on it, which makes me feel better. I need to keep going with that.

Here are some random things I wanted to tell you:

1) Sharky's preferred breakfast is cereal, and he's specifically been eating Honey Bunches of Oats. We noticed a couple of weeks ago that the store brand of that cereal is a couple dollars cheaper, so we've been buying him that and calling it Ghetto Bunches of Oats. It should be noted Sharky likes the Ghetto Bunches better.

2) When Francisco packed the coffeemaker (in NC), he packed it with about half a pot of coffee in it. We figured this out when he was hefting that box into the truck and a bunch of coffee poured out and down his back.

3) When we were unloading/unpacking boxes here, we noticed a lot of them had honey in and on them, but when we unpacked the box that had the honey in it, the honey had not leaked or spilled in any way. The mystery of the honey is still creeping me out.

4) There's a cat who shows up in our yard every couplethree days, ravenous, and I've been feeding him. He's the sweetest cat--when I first saw him, it was dusk and he was sitting in the front yard. I called to him from the living room window, and when he saw me, he meowed loudly and made a dash for the front door. Since then he's been by a few times, for food and petting. He'd like to come into the house, but I can't let him because I know Lucy and Esther would be super pissed. I sit outside with him, though, and pet him while he meows and rolls on the ground and rubs his head on my hand. We have named him Captain Mayhew:

meet Captain Mayhew

5) We saw The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (from Netflix), and it was really good; I recommend it.

6) My current favorite beverage is cold peppermint tea--it's extremely refreshing. I've been buying dried peppermint leaf, in bulk, and making a new pitcher just about every day (see also: guzzling). Is it possible to get peppermint poisoning?

Now I'm going to make guacamole for an early dinner. Sharky found a group of kids to play soccer with, from 5 to 8 every weekday, so we've been eating early so he gets sustenance prior to all that running around.



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