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You'd think being unemployed would mean I'd be posting entries all the time, wouldn't you? I'd have thought that as well, but as it turns out, I've been busy doing things like making hummus and refried (except not actually fried) black beans, as well as hiking, reading, taking pictures, and exploring the town. I also applied for a job I really really want, but have not heard anything from the employer yet, hopefully because they're waiting until they have a pool of applicants before scheduling interviews. I haven't heard from the employer of the job I DON'T want either, and thank heavens for THAT.

This morning we started watching the England/Portugal match but took a break to go to the Farmers' Market. We got beets, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, and a big loaf of fantastic sourdough bread. We also got a gift for Francisco's mom, to whom Francisco owes both mothers' day and birthday presents. After we got back, we finished up the soccer game, and OY, what a disappointment. It was a good game but a sad outcome. Fortunately we at least got to see some minge:


If you've seen the Brazil/France game that was also played today, DO NOT TELL ME THE OUTCOME. We had Tivo pick it up but are too exhausted to watch it; we'll see it tomorrow.

Yesterday I took Sharky to see Nacho Libre at our tiny local theater, and it wasn't completely horrible, but it wasn't as funny as we'd hoped either. There were some good parts, but overall MEH, and also I was being bitten by some buggy thing the whole time, and that put a damper on my enjoyment.

The day before yesterday, I ran a bunch of errands, including a trip to the library, and the day before that Chris and I went on a hike that culminated in this view:

the payoff

I still can't believe we live here; it's so beautiful almost all the time. And HOT. 94 today, but I guess that dry heat thing Does make a difference, especially with the breeze we also get. We didn't bother with the air conditioning today, since it doesn't work very well anyway; we just opened all the windows and let the breeze blow on through. Lucy is laying on the bed, with the ceiling fan blowing on her, but Esther prefers the futon, so I set up a little portable fan to blow on her. She is very happy:

Esther, breeze hoor

Yesterday I got my black and white Smena pictures back, and I was pretty disappointed in them. There were a few good ones, but mainly they were over or underexposed. This is probably the best one of the bunch, speaking on strictly technical merit:

tree goiter

As you might be able to guess, I've been fairly obsessed with photographing things lately. I had a crazy dream a few nights ago, culminating in me waking Francisco with my rummagining around on my bedside table. He reports that we had the following approximate conversation, but I don't really remember it:

HIM: What's the matter? What are you doing?
ME: .... I...I...oh NO.
HIM: What's wrong?
ME: I've got...wait...I...THERE'S SOMETHING IN MY BODY.
HIM: In your body???
ME: There' my's like playdoh, but it's film. It's supposed to come out but it's stuck.
HIM: ...You should go back to sleep.

When a girl dreams about having a special kind of film in her throat, it's got to be indicative of an unhealthy obsession with photography, yes?

Since we've been here I've read 1) Fat Girl, which is good but made me sad for the child the author used to be, 2) a Chuck Palahniuk book about Portland, OR, 3) Photography for Dummies; utter crap. I only read a tiny bit of it, because it's for point & shoot film and digital cameras, and who couldn't get the same info from their camera manuals?, 4) a sock knitting book (skimmed, not read) and 5) the most recent Ya-Ya sisterhood sequel NO YOU SHUT UP. I have the recently published Julia Child autobiography up next, and then some other autobiography of someone I'd never heard of; I'll tell you if it's any good.

Do you know, there appears to be a fairly sizable Mennonite community here, and I mean the hard-core Mennonites, with the women wearing the capey ho-made dresses and lacy hats, as opposed to the laidback Mennonite friends we used to have, who liked to smoke and drink. I'm not quite used to seeing them around town yet, but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon, as they are EVerywhere. I sort of want to strike up a conversation with a Mennonite lady, but about what? The price of melons, maybe, or I could ask where she gets her dress fabric. I'll try it and report back.

The day before yesterday I was determined to find the yarn store that was supposed to be around here, and I did find it except it closed in March. This is disappointing because I'd hoped the shop would have a Knit Night I could go to, in order to try and make friends, but alas, I'll have to cross that off my Places To Make Friends list. It's not going to be as easy as I'd hoped.

That's about it, I guess. I'll try to update more often so that every update doesn't turn into a novelette.

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