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Almost first thing this morning at work I started reading Miles' blog and it catapulted me straight into music evangelist mode*. He's got a Petra Haden cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" that actually gave me chills when I was listening to it the first time, and if that wasn't enough, there's a Scala Choir cover of "Heartbeats", which is a song I love anyway. And then I just kept listening to the posted songs and kept loving, and to conclude, if you don't visit Miles' blog and get to downloading, then I just don't know what, but something.

Yesterday I arrived early to work, because I needed to go set up and man a table at the transfer student orientation (which turned out to be a total waste of time, but whatever), and found out Christina and I were the only two counselors in the office for the day, which meant 3.5 hours on The Desk for each of us. Son of a! It turned out fine, in the end, because not many people came in, and also the new student worker who I'm calling Tommy The Rookie was manning the front and it turns out he's super funny. Who knew? He's been Exceedingly Quiet. Everyone's back in the office today, so not as much work for me, but I'm still SO glad it's Friday. This weekend will be chock full of work work work, but it will be good work, doing stuff at our new house and moving things in. Francisco did a bit of work over there yesterday, but he was limited because the electric company had accidentally turned the power off and it would take until today to get it back, for whatever reason. Francisco's plan for today is to put in a mailbox at the sidewalk, which the post office is requiring before they will deliver mail to us there (the current mailbox is on the house, and this is apparently no longer acceptable). Hopefully the ground will not be frozen while he's trying to dig the post hole; it's supposed to be a little warmer today. Francisco has Sunday off this weekend, as well as Saturday (had a personal day that must be used before the end of the year), and we should be able to get loooooads of stuff done/moved at/to our new place; I'm v. excited about this. Tonight I want to see what we can get done there, and then? I want to drink some beer. A few weeks ago we went through Roslyn and stopped at the Roslyn brewery, because the other time we were in Roslyn we had a Roslyn beer (each) at a bar there and that night we both had amazing dreams. On this latest Roslyn trip we purchased 4 Large beers (24 ounces each, I think) of the same variety to bring home and see if it would give us fantastic dreams again. I'm hoping Yes. Please note: We will not drink all 4 of those beers tonight; I would be surprised if we drank more than one (we'll share).

Have you seen Holmes on Homes? I've watched that show twice--the second time being this morning--and it occurred to me that the Holmes guy is the "Dog the Bounty Hunter" of contractors. They're like the same guy with different careers; it's bizarre. I don't really Love the show, but I learn a lot from it, so I'm sure I'll watch it a few more times. Also on the subject of television, BBC America has the Catherine Tate show! It might have been on there for awhile, but if it was I didn't know about it. I really love her characters; I think they're so inventive. Oh, one more television thing, we've seen Kenny vs. Spenny, which is the US version of Canada's Kenny vs. Spenny and the UK's Ed vs. Spencer, and I'm kind of disappointed. The guys aren't very funny, and [this is so shallow of me] they're not anywhere Near as pleasing to look at as Ed and Spencer. Spencer was ripped and Ed, groce as he sometimes was, had a nice face. I mean, there have been some really funny things in this new Kenny vs. Spenny, but overall it's disappointing. We'll keep watching it, though, just in case.

Photos of the Day:

Tenby 126

Trees at Night


South Street Sky


I guess that's all for today, lovies. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


*This worked out for the Scala Choir, anyway, as my friend/coworker Christina subsequently ended up buying one of their albums for her daughter.



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