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On Sunday morning I got up after having slept a Reeeeally long night (like, 10 hours of sleep) and still felt tired. After I'd been up maybe half an hour I noticed my stomach was cramping up periodically and I assumed something I'd eaten the day before was not agreeing with me. Francisco and I started doing new house stuff (moving things, etc) and we worked all day (with a short lunch break) until about 6:00. By then I was also having cramps in my legs, which I thought was weird, but I figured my muscles were tired from moving stuff the day before. We went home and started watching a movie, and that's when I noticed the chills I'd been having didn't go away (it was v. cold on Sunday), and HEY maybe this was some kind of indicator. I took my temperature and it was almost 100, which is when it finally occurred to me that I was sick. Stomach flu, I guess. I stayed home from work Monday and yesterday and feel almost back to normal today, except for some continued mild stomach cramps. The good thing about being sick (besides staying home, of course) is that it completely knocked down my appetite, which had been greatly lessened after my last PMS ended but was still not entirely back to normal.

Yesterday when I was home I watched Liverpool beat Marseilles 4 - 0, which was fantastic and I loved every second of it. I've been trying to figure out from the internet today (with no success so far) why Steven Gerrard used an inhaler a couple of times during the game, because I've never seen him use one before, and one would think if he had asthma we would have seen that inhaler before yesterday. Damn you Internet: Be more informative! I mean, not that I NEED to know, but I'm just curious.

On Saturday we went to the Costco in Yakima and bought a 50 inch flat screen plasma television. I know, I know--CRAZY! I'm not quite sure exactly why we decided to get the tv, but we decided on it shortly after our house bid was accepted. The house is small but the living room is oddly wide, so a larger tv will come in handy, and also the house was so much less expensive than what we had thought we would spend that the tv is sort of a reward for us, or something. Anyway, just so you know, pushing a flatbed cart with a ginormous television on it around Costco attracts attention, especially when the television has a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables (which we also bought) on top of it. It made me more than a little uncomfortable--I felt like everyone was looking at us and thinking we were That guy; you know That guy. I don't like being That guy and I hope to always avoid it in the future.

On Saturday we also watched Air Guitar Nation, and it is one of the best things I've seen in a long time: I HIGHLY recommend it. It made me think that we need to plan our trip to Scandinavia (whenever that will be) so that we'll be in Finland for that year's World Air Guitar Championships. And [this is related but mostly off the subject] someday I want us to plan a trip around the World Beard and Moustache Championships. I just really like the idea of rolling the attendance of a bizarre competition into our travel plans and pretending it's the whole reason we're going in the first place.

Okay, since writing the above I have done some internet research, and Finland is rife with strange competitions. They have the World Swamp Soccer Championships, the World Wife-Carrying Championships, and the World Mosquito-Killing Championships, to name a few. I think we might have to plan a trip just to Finland, to take in as many of their competitions as possible; Finland seems like our kind of place. I mean, see also: Apocalyptica.

One last thing about weird competitions? It makes me think it would be entirely possible to start a bizarre world championship competition in my small town. Why NOT? There is no reason. That is all.

Wrapping Up:

I finished and mailed all my holiday exchange stuff. *dusts hands*

Today when I was home for lunch I was watching television and Esther hopped on my lap to cuddle. She was fresh from the cat box and wiped a smear of poo from her ass onto my shirt. Needless to say, I changed my shirt before returning to work. Cats, man. They GROCE.

Work is slow, and I like it.

So far the worst thing about Francisco being on swing shift is that he's not home for dinner and this makes it hard for me to care about what we eat. I usually want to make the easiest thing possible, but unfortunately we bought all those vegetables at Costco and they are, at this moment, going bad in the refrigerator. I can hear them. So what can I make with a crapload of baby spinach tonight, Internet? You tell me.

Actually I just thought of something. Cancel request, Internet.

Gotta roll out.




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