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You know what phrase you should try to work into casual conversation? "Damn your impudence, sir!!" I think that would make you really popular.

So, thanksgiving was fun. My sister, Jeanne, and her husband made a delicious dinner (except we had it around lunchtime), and their dog, Missy, plus Georgia, the dog they're keeping for a friend for a few days, were excellent entertainment.

Jeanne and the frenching she-dogs

I took a number of pictures at Jeanne's place, but when I got home I discovered they were all of the dogs (except two Jeanne was in, but that was because she happened to be behind the dogs at the time), plus one of me in the bathroom mirror, because apparently everything is all about me. I intended to take other photos, but I just didn't get around to it. But the dogs! Especially Missy, our dog niece! So cute. I mean, come ON, how could you not photograph this dog repeatedly?:

aren't you going to drop some turkey?

I'm definitely a cat person, but if I were going to have a dog, Missy would be it.

Other than thanksgiving stuff, during the 4-day weekend we:

1) Watched the A&E Pride and Prejudice miniseries Francisco gave me for my birthday. Twice. We stayed up really late on Wednesday night watching it, and then we watched it again on Friday--this is because Francisco had no idea how good the miniseries is, and how good Jane Austen's writing is. I think men in general have the idea that Jane Austen's writing is exceptionally girly and boring, when in actuality it's very funny and a tiny bit acerbic.

2) Knitted two hats. I did, anyway; Francisco and Sharky were No Help.

3) Put up xmas decorations, including some lights outside but nowhere Near as many as the house near us with the Yard of One Thousand Delights:

the night view of the xmas light house

4) Played dominoes--Francisco won, as usual. There was much trash-talking.

5) Went to the flea market (yesterday) and it was sort of fun but not entirely, because it was raining off and on, so the stuff-sellers had to keep covering the stuff up, and how can a girl shop when she can't see what people are selling? She can't, that's how.

6) Watched some soccer--unfortunately no Liverpool games, but one is being broadcast tomorrow so I can see my secret boyfriend. Read about soccer.

Things I Thought About Doing This Weekend But Didn't:

1) Cleaning the bathroom (will do tonight).

2) Sewing a new pocketbook for myself, incorporating some rudimentary embroidery and Beadazzling. Bling! This one will happen soonish.

3) Making a pinhole camera from an old, nonfunctioning camera (with functioning film advance, though--that would be important).

4) Programming phone numbers into my (hissssssss) cell phone and making a new voice mail message, since the phone still has Francisco's message from before we traded phones. Sharky put Francisco's phone through the laundry yesterday, so he had to get a replacement today. This is neither here nor there, but I just thought I'd mention it.

Songs of the Day:

Aceyalone -- Doin' My Job, at tmwsiy*.

Smokey & Miho -- Blue Glasses, at búscate un novio.

Journey -- Don't Stop Believin', at When Apes Rule the Earth. No YOU shut up.

Sufjan Stevens -- The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts, at Hello Gina.

The Rurals -- That Feelin', at A Best Truth.

Des De Moor and Russell Churney -- The Man Who Sold the World, at Copy, Right>.

That's about all I have to tell you for now, Interweb. Remind me to tell you about the plan I have for my empty Homie containers, because it's a good one.

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