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Do you know what's running through my head today? Can you even guess? The answer is no, you can't guess; it's far too absurd. It's the commercial jingle for that old Baby Alive doll. I didn't own one of those dolls, but I really wanted one because it would eat "food" (you'd mix it up with water from dry packets) and drink water from a special bottle. And then it would piss, but I don't think it pooped--I think the "food" just stayed in its belly forever, coating it like insulation. My best childhood friend, Melody Pinneo, had one and I was jealous. Melody always had the best stuff, including a Magic 8-Ball (I wasn't allowed to have one because it was "of the devil") and the blue satin jacket with Shaun Cassidy's face on the back ,which I KNOW I've talked about here before. If I was better at sewing, I'd make myself one of those jackets and wear it around, because that would be Funny. I would also make my sister-in-law one, and we could be the Shaun Cassidy gang. FACT. Max can be in the gang too, despite probably not yet being born at the time Shaun Cassidy was hott.

I would write a longer entry, except I'd have to wrack my brain to come up with something to tell you, and also, the boss just sent everyone home. I'm not one to hesitate when he does that, because if I don't leave immediately, he might suddenly remember some project he needs my help with. Therefore, I am outta here.

I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving (for my fellow Americans) or an excellent rest of the work-week if you live elsewhere.

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