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Francisco picked up the $1 contest photos yesterday, and hoo boy, they're even worse than I expected. The least bad thing about them is, there's a little squiggle on almost all of them, in the same place each time, on pictures from both cameras. So that's kind of weird. The worst bad thing about them is that apparently the cameras both have severe light leaks, though some of the photos escaped without evidence of this. Anyway, Jeff's photos are overall better than mine, but we're still going to put them on Flickr and ask for votes, because by dog, I'm going to see this thing through to the bitter end.

You know, though, if a person was really broke and had electrical tape to seal the camera with, plus the patience and a pitch black room in which to rewind the film by hand (I'm guessing the crappy rewinding feature is what made the squiggle marks), I think some decent (though not great) pictures could actually be produced with a $1 camera and $1 film--the pics would be at least as good as you'd get with a disposable camera, and those are significantly more than $2. In fact, I might just try this $1 camera/$1 film thing over again (without a contest) to see what results I'd get with the electrical tape and hand rewinding.

[sidebar]Just now when I was writing this, a woman I sort of work with but not closely asked me, "You're in your late 20s, right? Or your early 30s?". BLESS HER. I needed that today.[/sidebar]

This morning, shortly before lunch, I took my friend, Jeff's, $1 contest pictures over to him, and I'd been to his building before but not to his office, so I'd never laid eyes on some of the people he gripes about, right? There's a guy Jeff calls Mr. Allergy because the guy claims to be allergic to a whole bunch of products and starts big fights with people who wear perfume or hairspray or whatever, and Mr. Allergy walked by when I was talking to Jeff. He went by once from behind me, and scurried down the steps by Jeff's desk area, so I didn't see his face, but when he came back up I positioned myself sort of facing the steps so I could get a look at him. And, get this [we have finally arrived at the whole point of this paragraph; I bet you thought it'd never happen]: when he reached the top of the steps and I turned toward him to say hello, as soon as we made eye contact, he whipped his head away from me, toward the wall, and kept on going. It was not subtle at all--his head was so turned away from me that I was left looking at the back of it. I was shocked and stood there gaping, so it's good he was refusing to look at me. After Mr. Allergy disappeared back into his office, Jeff whispered, "He does that to everybody". I didn't stick around long after that, because the Mr. Allergy weirdness knocked all conversational ability right out of me. I don't know how a person can hold down a job when he refuses to let anyone look upon his face. I mean, What?

I only just remembered this morning that it's MLK day on Monday and the office is closed, and realizing I've got a 3 day weekend instead of a 2 day weekend was like getting a really good gift out of the blue. Very exciting, in other words. Tonight we're staying in with martinis and dinner, i.e. our normal Friday night. Tomorrow Francisco and Sharky are going to a shooting competition, so I have the house to myself! Which I love! I am so pleased. Sunday Francisco and I are going to try to see Brokeback Mountain--hopefully it won't be totally sold out again. Monday I have no plans, since I forgot I wouldn't be at work, but I have plenty of things to work on; the Master List, you know. Maybe we can work going to breakfast at our favorite place into Sunday or Monday morning, since we haven't been there in a long time. I'm jonesing for my favorite omelette: cream cheese, onion, green peppers, and bacon.

Songs of the Day:

Thievery Corporation -- Marching the Hate Machines (into the sun), at Veritas Lux Mea.

The Pastels -- Everybody is a Star, at tmwsiy*.

Eiffel Tower -- A Perfect Day, at sugartown.

Have a great weekend, y'all!!

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