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Dear Internet,

This morning I was off work. I had initially marked myself out for the morning because I was intending to see Leslie and the LYs perform last night, except I found out the show wasn't going to start until 10pm, and there were two opening bands so Leslie and the LYs probably wouldn't actually play until maybe 11:30, and Internet? I was way too tired to stay up that late. I hadn't slept well the night before and was exhausted anyway, so the idea of leaving the house at all was appalling, let alone leaving at 9:30, the time I usually start getting ready for bed. I'm sure we missed some awesome shit by not attending, but I'm also sure it was the right decision, as I ended up having to struggle to stay awake past 8:00 (I made it til about 9:30). Feel free to mock me, Internet. Anyway, I slept until almost 8:00 this morning and then lazed around for awhile before continuing work on the new handbag I was making myself. I started it on Monday and it took a long time because I made the pattern and put some beadazzling on the fabric, in addition to sewing it up, but the weird thing is, it turned out just the way I envisioned it. Usually when I sew a thing it doesn't turn out the way I'd like, so this is a happy aberration. I finished it this morning and transferred all my stuff into it, and also took a picture which I will post it to Flickr tonight, since I know you're just Clamoring to see it. No pushing, now; everyone will get a turn to look.

We finally saw Brokeback Mountain on Monday afternoon, and it's just as good as everyone is saying. We tried to see it on Sunday afternoon but there was a line like you wouldn't believe for the tickets, so we gave up and tried again the next day, at the crappy theater (it's now at 2 theaters in our area--one good and one crappy, and the good theater is apparently the peoples' choice). Score! I've read the story 4 times and was still surprised at how different the movie was from what I imagined, but I think it's exactly right. Heath Ledger, who knew you could act?? Not me, that's who. Jake Gyllenhaal was also very good in it, but his character was less complex so his performance didn't amaze me as much as the Ledger's. I give this movie my absolute highest rating: 5 Gin and Tonics. Imperatively Recommended.

This weekend we went to a Mexican tienda for some items, and it was very crowded. Most of the people at the tienda were lined up in front of a guy who was making calls for them to English speaking places and subsequently giving them the scoop in Spanish (overheard part of a conversation with someone at Best Buy, about a product's installation specifics and warranty information), and I don't know why it never occurred to me before that there are people who provide that service. I mean, it's so obviously something new Spanish speaking immigrants need, and yet I had to see it in action to realize it existed, you know? I hope it's reasonably priced; I would hate to think people are being gouged.

I've been tagged by the fabulous Max, to list my Five Weirdest Habits. And I thought about it and thought about it, because do I even have any weird habits? It seemed pretty far fetched. I called Francisco a few minutes ago and asked him if I had any weird habits, and his exclamation of "Oh GOD yes" was not exactly flattering. "Well what are they, then?", I asked, and he started right in:

1) Smelling things I know I shouldn't because I know they're going to stink. Okay, he has a point--I have to smell EVerything, regardless of how manky it probably is. Just last week one of my coworkers passed out vibrantly colored rabbits' feet keychains to everyone and I smelled mine and then told everyone else not to smell theirs (which, hello, is an important public service). They stank, and I was pretty sure they stank, but I had to do the smell test anyway.

2) Kissing the cats on their eyelids. Well, fine, but the eyelids are just about the only place they can't lick, and I don't want to kiss them anyplace they Can lick, because they spend a lot of time licking their butts. I rest my case.

3) Reading gay porn. For the sake of my mother, we're going to skip right over this one, but I'll admit it's a fair cop.

4) I pronounce the Ws in words such as 'drawing', and apparently this is a weird thing to do, because it's not just Francisco who has noticed it. Twyla, I'm looking at you for the merciless taunting you dealt me when I said 'drawing' in your presence once.

Francisco couldn't come up with a 5th one so I've been thinking about it and this one isn't that weird, but

5) Must always close drapes/curtains when it's dark outside--it makes me uneasy to be in the house with the windows uncovered at night.

I must now tag 5 other people, and I choose Dreas (he probably won't do it), Clive Dallas (he almost surely won't do it), Miss Catie, Little Kimmy, and mi hermana, Minired.

I've been thinking about this diary for the past week or so and have decided I'll like it more and feel better about it if I go back and do some deleting. I have periodically said ugly things about some people and hate to think of them finding this diary and being hurt by statements that were usually prompted by momentary annoyance. I resisted the idea of deleting stuff for a long time, because it seems dishonest and revisionist, but given that I spend a lot of time worrying about this diary being Found, I feel it's a good decision and the time is right. And really, it's not That much I have to delete, but it'll sure take me a long time to weed through everything. OY.

Have a good night!

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