don't take your eyes off them and don't blink


Okay listen: There's a Doctor Who episode you NEED to watch, even if you've never seen even one Doctor Who episode. It's entitled 'Blink', and the reason you need to watch it is because it was exquisitely written and is creepy as hell. I saw it last night for the second time, and it wasn't quite so creepy the second time around, but the first time I saw it, I swear to you every hair on my body was standing up for half of the show. It is just that scary. Normally I'm not that big a fan of scary stuff, but it was a good story and just generally compelling. The Doctor isn't in this episode much, which makes it a good one to watch if you've never seen Doctor Who, because it doesn't rely on knowledge of past storylines at all. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, if you have the chance to see that episode, please take it--I'm begging you. And then email me and tell me what you thought about it, okay?

This morning I rode my bike to work again (I think I'm just going to do that from now on until the streets get icy, because it's faster than walking and I can wear the shoes I want, which I can't do when I'm walking--have to wear comfy shoes and carry my cute shoes), and the wind was fiercer than usual. It was constantly blowing my skirt up, so I had to ride with one hand holding the skirt down, and that made me absolutely Furious. I mean, it was my own fault for wearing a skirt in the high winds, but I wore skirts the past two days also and didn't have that problem. Well, except for the day before yesterday when I was just coasting to a stop at our house and the wind blew my skirt up to my waist. Nice. Fortunately I've been wearing some bloomer-type shorts under my skirts, for just such a contingency, and no one was around anyway. People have been saying we're supposed to have 50 mph winds later this afternoon, so if you'd like to gather along my route home shortly after 5:00, I'll be giving a free peep show. Come one, come all! Clowns welcome*.

Yesterday I postponed my lunch hour until 2:15, when I left the office and walked down to the courthouse to see Francisco sworn in as an officer of The Law. The actual swearing in was very short (maybe a minute an a half), but I was glad to be there to witness his dream come to fruition. It was especially fun because there were a lot of his fellow deputies in attendance, as well as most of the sheriff's office staff, and they were all quite at home with each other (lots of friendly teasing). I think I might have to get me a job in the sheriff's office, even though Francisco says they don't pay well. There's more to life than making money, right? Francisco leaves Sunday morning for sleepaway police camp--he has to be there early to register and get assigned a dorm and etc--and it's weird that the 4.5 months of academy that I've been thinking ahead about for so long is practically here now. I need to consult my list of things I want to do while he's gone; I've already forgotten most of them.

Yesterday after work Francisco and I harvested our first vegetables from our garden. This first harvest consisted of several yellow squash and a couple of cucumbers, so not a lot but it's a start. Francisco used the squash in the stir-fry we had last night, and it was delicious. Now if everything else would start ripening, we could feast.

So I was thinking today about how aggravated I am to be repeatedly getting screwed over during "shared" desk duty time [I keep doing the lion's share because my two male coworkers won't get off their asses], but then I remembered that life is not fair and I'm not sure why I forgot that in the first place. The generalized unfairness of life transfers over to the unfairness of having to do more than my share of counselor desk duty at work, so why am I being such a big damn baby about it? I need to man up and keep slogging. Resolved.

Have a good night, lambies.


* Reference, anyone?



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