that was a really good weekend


This morning I rode my bike to work for the first time, and it went well except that I had a bit of trouble locking her up to the particular bike rack I chose. I kept thinking, "okay, done", and then realizing the lock was through the tire and around the frame but not actually around the bike rack. I did finally get her locked securely, and as of about 12:30 she had not been stolen, repeat had Not been stolen. I'm probably too paranoid about people stealing my bike, but I really love her.

Listen, I want to tell you this so you'll be my witnesses, okay? I hereby vow that someday I will attend, and possible even enter, the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships. It's going to happen, and it's going to be amazing.

So this weekend Francisco and I did the following:

- Watched many episodes of Doctor Who

- Organized a load of miscellaneous crap into containers and put the containers in the sun porch lockers

- Rearranged our bedroom furniture (much better now!)

- Rearranged the guest bedroom furniture (also much better now)

- Went on a bike ride

- Had Saturday breakfast with Twyla, Sonny, and the girls

- Cleaned

- Took a truckload of stuff to the Goodwill. I LOVE getting rid of things.

- Did some light shopping (all house stuff) -- bought matching bedside tables for the guest bedroom at Goodwill for $7. They're not great, but after we refinish them they'll look nicer.

Things I did without Francisco:

- Weeded the garden

- Constructed a trellis-type arrangement for the sugar snap peas to climb. It needed to be done 3 weeks ago, but hopefully they'll get on the climbing program ASAP.

Things Francisco did without me:

- Organized the garage--it is sooo much better in there now.

- Put more stuff in the shed.

- Carried a lot of heavy things.

Francisco doesn't work today and before he left for Seattle (a brief trip to buy some items needed for sleepaway police camp) he hauled the tv [see? heavy thing carrying] into the upstairs room (Sharky's old room) and set it up, so that room is now officially in use as tv room/office/general workspace. He bought an air conditioner for that room last Thursday and got it set up this weekend so it's nice and cool in there. Things are really coming together at the old homestead. Tonight before I make dinner, but not before I dispense myself a glass of wine, I will give the sofa a good vacuuming, which Francisco says needs to be done, and maybe do some arranging in the living room. I'm really loving our house with all these changes; it feels much more spacious.

Sharky Update: The kid is doing quite well. He has a job he started today, he's attending summer school and meeting pretty girls, and it looks like he'll be able to play soccer at his new high school after all -- it's a fall sport there and he didn't meet the academic requirements due to all the flunking he did last year, so he was resigned to not playing. However, some of the kids Shark's been playing pickup soccer with play on his new high school team, and they told the coach about him, and the coach contacted him to say they will work it out for him to play, provided he passes his summer classes (I don't know the exact nature of the agreement, but I assume that's included). Things are working out great for him and I hope this roll he's on continues.

In other news, I'm feeling so burned out at work lately. I need to adjust my attitude, but it needs such a huge adjustment I'm not sure where to start. I guess I'll start brainstorming about that.

I guess that's all I have to tell you except maybe that when I bought a new tube of Burt's Bees lip balm recently, the checkout girl told me that all lip balms brands except for that one have fiberglass in them, and that's why they make your lips tingle. There are crazy people everywhere.




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