I didn't, for instance, ask if his son barks like a dog


Things I learned at the dentist today:

-- Apparently I am striking the perfect balance between brushing enough and not brushing too much. The dentist told me that and said a lot of people are obsessed with getting their teeth whiter and are brushing so much they're brushing the enamel right off their teeth. I am not one of those people.

-- The amount I can open my mouth (not much, compared to some people I know who can practically unhinge their jaws) is in the normal range of mouth-opening widenesses.

-- If a person has to get false teeth, they can request the teeth to be a little crooked. I found this out by asking the hygienist, though it took her awhile to understand what I was asking, probably because most people who get false teeth would not want them to be crooked. If I have to get false teeth (unlikely, per the hygienist) I'm going to get them somewhat crooked and with a Lauren Hutton gap between the front ones. I've always loved gappy teeth; it makes me sad when people get their tooth gaps "fixed".

-- Some unseen woman in a different part of the dentist office really loves her two year old son. "He's my joy", she said. "I couldn't love him any more than I do". I had a strong momentary impulse to yell out, "Have you TRIED??". I successfully resisted the impulse.

We had a good weekend, y'all--how about you? On Saturday I went shopping and decided I hate all clothes everywhere. I realized I don't really need any more pants, so I was concentrating on cute shirts, except I couldn't find any. If I were tiny or were not averse to displaying my flabby upper arms, it wouldn't be a problem to find cute shirts, as so many shirts nowadays are sleeveless or tight or both. I will continue to shop for cute shirts, and in fact need to step up the cute shirt campaign, since it will be heating up very soon. It's supposed to be 79 here on Thursday; a harbinger of temperatures to come. Also on Saturday we ate pizza and watched 4 episodes of Deadwood, and oh my wax I love that show! I particularly love the Al Swearingen character, because though he is a Horrible person, he is so, So funny.

Yesterday we got up early (before 6:30) and rousted the Boy and went to breakfast in our PJs. As expected, the restaurant was empty except for a table with 4 police officers, and though several other people arrived before we left, no one looked at us funny for the PJs. We were in Carrboro; a seemingly more relaxed town than Some I could name (I'm looking at you, Chapel Hill). When we got home from breakfast we had the Boy find the candy and money-filled plastic eggs, and the 3 Easter baskets we had hidden. We then watched Carpocalypse (it continues to be an Excellent show) and yet another episode of Deadwood. After the television-viewing I tried to figure out that damn website I started on a whim, and again had no success. I think the problem might go away if I can get that crappy site-building software out of my files on the server, so I'm trying to do that, though I'm not positive it's going to work. It may be that I give up and get a refund of the months I paid for, minus the couple I've used and minus the non-refundable fees, but I don't know yet. I have requested help from the support guys; specifically for them to direct me to a tutorial or something that would help me understand exactly how it all works, especially the file maintenence aspect. If whatever I'm directed to doesn't help me, I'm throwing in the towel. I mean, I get that I FTP things from my computer to their server, but I don't know what files to put things in, including the layout I make with Dreamweaver; it's all just very confusing to me.

So, yesterday after I failed to resolve my website difficulties, we went for a good hike in the woods near our house. Partway through the hike we saw a guy and his dog and the guy was kind of annoying about the trail we were on. He was telling us about the trail and being all Mr. Pompous Knowledge about it, and he seemed to assume we had never been on the trail before and indeed may never have hiked in our lives. We were polite to him but spent a little time making fun of him later, because he was really asking for it. After we finished our hike, we went home and made dinner (Francisco made a good split pea soup and I made green chili cornbread to go with it) and watched Kill Bill part one, which Boy had gotten in one of his Easter baskets. Kind of a television-intensive weekend, but we don't do that all the time, so it's okay.

This weekend I decided I want to learn to fish. I fished with my dad a few times in my childhood, but I thought it was So Boring, because it was a lot of sitting around and being quiet. Now that I'm an adult and LOVE sitting around and being quiet, I think it's an activity I need to pursue. Mainly what I need to learn, re: fishing is 1) which fish are good to eat and which aren't, 2) what fishing line to use, 3) where to get bait, 4) how to most effectively kill a fish once I've caught it (to minimize suffering) and 5) how to clean a fish. We don't have any fishing gear, so that will be step number one. I should mention I have zero interest in bass fishing--that seems to be a big thing for a lot of people, but bass shmass; I'll catch whatever.

Oh man, a few minutes ago a guy who works with our office's portion of the computer system was here to meet with someone, and when he was talking to me he mentioned "so-and-so" has Tourette's Syndrome [not going to say the name, just in case--it's a somewhat unusual name]. And in a rare moment of clarity and restraint I asked who so-and-so was, when normally I might've just started babbling about how interesting Tourette's is and how much I'd love to attend one of the Tourette's conventions (etc), and thank dog I asked because the person he was talking about is his 9 year old son. He's an easygoing guy, but he still might've been offended by my enthusiasm for the disease his son lives with on a daily basis, right? I'm glad I'm finally learning to keep my mouth shut.

Today at work I've been putting paper into envelopes, and I still have a lot more to do, so bye for now.

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