if only he'd had to go over the boss's head...


If I ever have a streaming radio station (or a radio show) like I'd love to have, I'm going to have a block of time dedicated to 80s music and will call the time block, "How Bleak Was My Puberty!". Whoever gets that reference receives 50 bonus points and the people's ovation and fame forever. PS 'The People' = me.

Today I did some work cleanup--things that have been neglected for the past 3 weeks due to busyness--and also totally won a power struggle between myself and the boss. I won't go into detail, for fear of being Dooced, but it was sort of awesome, though not as much as it could've been if he hadn't caved so soon. I'm leaving in just a few minutes to do some light shopping at Target, and hopefully it won't be too crowded and no one will steal my cart like they did twice the last time I was there. I plan to guard my cart, but still, those cart thieves can be wily.

It's hot here. I'm sweaty. That is all.

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