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Dear Mom and Dad,

If, dog forbid, something ever occurs to render me brain dead, please allow Francisco to remove my feeding tube and let me die in peace, because that is what I would want. Actually, what I would Specifically want would be to receive an overdose of morphine, but since the law does not condone that kind of humane treatment for people, please allow me to starve to death instead. Thank you cooperate.


This morning our office had our annual Easter Egg hunt--I'd forgotten all about it. Basically one of my coworkers got here real early and hid plastic eggs filled with candy all over the place. I decided to only hunt in my office so I only found 6 eggs, but others found many, and apparently there's still one egg in here I haven't found. I looked everywhere. I give up, which is something Boy will not be allowed to do when we hide his plastic eggs containing candy on Sunday morning. Francisco and I are going to the store tonight after dinner to get the ingredients for Boy's Easter baskets, because he may be 13 and too cool to be seen with us in public, but he will never be too old to get Easter baskets.

Last night Esther didn't cough even one time, and though I woke up at least three times in a panic that I'd swallowed inappropriate objects [if you just arrived here, I should explain I sometimes dream I swallowed something I shouldn't have, and I wake up panicky], I still slept quite well. The only thing I remember I dream-swallowed was a stack of pennies, but the other couple of things were equally not good for swallowing. I feel good today; yesterday I was very tired and thought I might be getting a sickness. I'm glad it's not true.

Our weekend plans as of right this minute include watching whatever Deadwood dvds Netflix sends us and getting up really early (our favorite diner opens at 6:30) on Sunday morning to go out to breakfast in our pajamas. I also plan to go clothes shopping, because I hate all my hot-weather clothes and am tired of being dowdy. I will buy two or three pairs of pants, and several (many) cute summer shirts. Resolved! Also, work on the photo blog and go for a good walk tomorrow morning with Francisco. That's a pretty good weekend, hmm?

I better go home now; I think Princess is waiting. I petted him a long time last night--he was inside his house when I got home, but we drank wine on the front steps until he begged his way out of his house and came over for a few (only a few!) treats.

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