what about coffee, Michael?


I had another great idea this morning, but this one pertains only to me. The next time we go to the track, I'm not going to run or walk; I'm going to SKATE. I bought roller skates from eBay a million years ago (or possibly closer to 7) but haven't really used them because we don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood and there's nowhere good to skate. But the track is perfect--all smooth and everything--and oh how I love to skate. Plus I need to brush up on my skating skills for when I join a roller derby team. My roller derby name? The Eva Destruction. It's Clearly destiny.

Not sure what else I have to tell you lot today. Nothing of note happened last night; we went to the track, went home and had dinner, and watched Lost. SPOILER ALERT! I don't know about you but I think that guy IS an Other, aka, a psychologist. Also watched some Olympics, including speed skating, which is my Favorite. I also thought about the new secret project a lot and the only thing holding us back at this point is we need a name for it. I'm going to brainstorm this over the weekend.

Other things to do this weekend:

1) Print Michael mask and photograph Sharky wearing it, for the Cup of tea please, Michael Flickr group.
2) Mail a couple of things to Found Magazine
3) Normal chores
4) Continue knitting project
5) Possibly finally make Indian food from the book I got for my birthday. This depends on whether I get to the Indian market or not.
6) Photograph Ms. Kwon postcards for Flickr

And I don't know what else, but something.

Song of the Day: Willie Nelson -- Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other), at In House With Jeremy Petersen.

Sorry for the boring today, but that's how it goes sometimes. I'm going home now to take advantage of Cocktail Friday, which happens every Friday in our kitchen.

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