lamb boy


This morning I dreamt I was hiking through a very deserted but not mountainous area and I found a little kid. He was about 2 and had apparently been out there for a long time (he was filthy and couldn't speak--he kind of bleated like a lamb), though how he was living out there I have no idea. I knew I needed to take him back with me, but in the dream my options were leave him there or take him home and raise him (there was no option to turn him over to child protection or anything), so I hesitated for a minute before deciding. "Come on, then", I said, picking him up and settling him on my hip for the walk back. Once back at the place where I was staying (not my house), the first order of business was to feed him, but I was having trouble finding healthy and appropriate foods. It was all very confusing and there's zero point in telling you this except now that I'm awake I miss lamb boy and want him back. I've been having very vivid dreams lately--the night before last I dreamt Minired was enthusiastically making out with a dwarf. I know she'll be happy to hear this.

Last night we watched the Liverpool/Manchester United game (they played on Saturday but it wasn't on FSC until yesterday) and the good thing was Liverpool won, but the bad thing was Alan Smith (of Man U) broke his leg while simultaneously dislocating his ankle. He had to have surgery on the leg and will be out for up to a year, which is devastating for him, I'm sure. I know what I'm about to say will have Bob Bobson baying like a hound that just treed a possum, but Alan Smith is the Manchester United player I most like watching, and since Sharky's a Man U fan, we watch them quite a lot. I will miss seeing Alan Smith play and I hope he recovers ASAP. The game was really good, other than that, with Gary Neville being vigorously booed every time he touched the ball throughout the entire game in retribution for his taunting of Liverpool fans after a Man U goal the last time the teams played. I also liked it when my super secret boyfriend kicked Neville in the chest and got yellow carded. He's so dreamy.

Yesterday morning we had friends over for breakfast--we rarely see them because they live in Boston right now, but they were in the area for a family get-together. It was super great to see them and I wish we lived near them so we could see them all the time. They're some of the funniest people we know, so we laughed a Lot yesterday morning.

Saturday morning it snowed for quite awhile but didn't stick--this was a weird switch from the 70 degree weather we'd had the prior two days. Sharky got an early case of cabin fever and went out to kick his soccer ball around in the snow with some kids while I took this apparently terrible picture:

fools for futbol


I got everything on my to-do list done except for mailing stuff to Found Magazine, but I'm not sure that counts as undone until tomorrow, since there's no mail service today. Oh, but I also didn't make Indian food, since I didn't get over to the Indian market, so I guess I didn't get everything done after all. Meh.

Song of the Day: Dressy Bessy -- Electrified, at Shoes Are For Work.

That's enough for a lackluster Monday.

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