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The Postcards to Ms. Kwon Project is really starting to take off. I invited some people on a forum board this morning and they were all over the idea like monkeys on .... I don't know; something monkeys like? I started a Flickr group so people can post pictures of their Kwon postcards if they want and I'm really excited there's so much interest. If you're participating in the project and have a Flickr account, please feel free to join the group; it's open to the public. I'm almost glad Ms. Kwon stole my money now, truth be told. And I'm also glad we don't have postcard stamps because I haven't yet mailed my postcard to her and can therefore take a picture of it first. Bing POW! [™Dreas]

AND this morning I had an idle thought of an idea and I mentioned it to Max, via email. She wrote back saying she was interested and would I elaborate, so I did and I started to get excited about the idea, and then she wrote back, excited about the idea, and I then I got more excited about the idea, and she did too, and the upshot is I believe we're going to do it. I realize this is a big tease, because I'm not yet prepared to tell you what the idea is, but I'll reveal it soon and then lo the internet shall explode in a rain of fire, for the idea which has been brought forth is beautiful and majestic and also a really fucking cool thing. Or we think so anyway; it would be so disappointing if everyone else ho-hummed it, which I guess could totally happen. We'll see.

I didn't update yesterday because I was busy doing work I couldn't do earlier in the day, as I didn't arrive at work until 11:00. I would've been at work by 9:00 except I spent 2 hours on the freeway, and it was all my own fault. My coworker had called me at home to say she heard on the radio there was a big tractor trailer wreck on the freeway and that I should take a different route. I totally intended to do that but once I was in the car I started driving on automatic pilot and was on the freeway before I remembered I shouldn't be, hence my commute taking 2 hours instead of 12 minutes. I saw some really primo assholery done by many individuals: people driving on the shoulder past everyone, and the guy in the truck one vehicle back who decided he was going to be the policeman of the shoulder, so he sort of parked on it and wouldn't let anyone by. There was honking and cursing and the waving of fists, but for once none of it was done by me (proof that I have grown as a person?). I also saw something rather odd about half an hour prior to the road opening up again; a guy in an old savory Cadillac was driving on the shoulder until he got up next to me (just ahead of where I was there was a bridge, at which point the shoulder disappeared) and then he pulled farther off and parked. He got out of his car (he was an older man in a hat and trenchcoat), crossed the lanes of stopped traffic, climbed the barrier, crossed the other side of the freeway and started walking on that shoulder. I thought maybe he was close enough to his destination that he decided to go cross country, and maybe that was it, but when I was on my way home last night I saw his car still sitting where he'd parked it. It was gone this morning though; weird. The last 40 minutes of the traffic jam were spent in one place (they closed the freeway while hauling away the wreckage), and people were getting out of their cars to socialize and wander around. Two things I wished for at that point: 1) Some cookies, because I could've gone car to car handing them out and 2) the iPod, because if I'd had that I could've hosted a DANCE PARTY ON THE FREEWAY. Surely you agree the potential awesomeness of that idea is overwhelming, so I am gutted I didn't think to take the iPod. It's really hard to plan ahead for these sorts of things. Anyway, that was my adventure on the freeway yesterday; The End. This story has been brought to you by the makers of Diet Coke.

I had such a nice Valentine's night. Francisco made delicious meat pies and salad and we watched the Liverpool/Arsenal game(Liverpool won) while having dinner and polishing off a bottle of good wine (more than we usually drink on a weekday night, just so you know). Francisco had gotten the wine earlier that day--he went to the wine store and asked for the best Malbec they had and then bought it. The beauty of Malbec is the best one they had was only $20, which is more than we generally pay for a bottle of wine, but this was our Valentine wine so we was splurging. I so love Argentinian Malbec; it's my absolute favorite wine, hands down. This testimonial brought to you by The Betty Ford Clinic.

Public Service Announcement: It is a bad idea to eat cornbread over your keyboard. Learn from my mistakes, my friends.

Songs of the Day:

The Streets -- When You Wasn't Famous, at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. Song from the new album, which will be released in late March.

Feist -- When I Was a Young Girl, at Veritas Lux Mea.

Toto -- Africa, at ANAblog. Oh how I love this song. LOVE.

Francisco and I are going to the track after I get home from work, which is kind of an experiment, because we're not usually nighttime exercisers. Lately we haven't been getting up early enough to exercise before work so we thought we'd take advantage of the good weather today (70 degrees, can you believe it?) and have a pre-dinner trudge. I'm in favor of this because lately the only thing that isn't atrophying from lack of use is my ass.

.....and with that, she was gone.

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