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I decided last week that I'd bring in Panang curry today, for any of my coworkers to eat who wanted it (for lunch), because one of my coworkers leaves a crock pot here and makes soup periodically. Bad sentence, but whatever. He said last week that I could use his crock pot today, so I brought in the curry to heat in the crock pot and made rice in our rice cooker and people ate and liked it, but I sort of wish I hadn't done it. This is because people are talking to me a lot about the curry and telling me it's really good and etc, but I want to be left alone today and OH MY GOD STOP TALKING ABOUT THE CURRY. Let this be a lesson to me: only bring food to share when I'm feeling sociable.

The weekend was pretty good. We enjoyed having Greg to dinner on Saturday, and on Sunday we were sort of lazy, which was nice too. I folded 24 paper cranes (how could anyone ever make 1000? holy shit) for my office ceiling and put some photos into plastic sleeves I yanked out of a cheapo photo album, so I could put them on my office window to replace the paper snowflakes. Francisco went to my office with me in the afternoon to enact my new decorating scheme, and on the way home we stopped at the store for a few things (including a bag of Dove chocolates because I needed them), and that was about it for the day, basically. I need to make cds for an AtomicTonic cd exchange happening right now, but I couldn't get any computer time between Francisco and his reserve deputy homework, and Sharky with his wanting to play computer games. I figure tomorrow night will be the time for cd making, Sharky's computer game hankering be damned.

Here's my horoscope today:

January 29, 2007
A gathering of psychics, artists, and spiritually oriented people could take place in your home today, eva. This is apt to be a very fascinating and stimulating meeting, but there may be one among the group who likes to stir up controversy and may start a heated debate. Try to be aware of this possibility and short-circuit it if you can. Otherwise this promising encounter might end with some battered egos and bruised feelings.

Okay, a gathering of psychics and etc in my home today? Unless it's talking about the cats, this could not be more wrong. Tonight we're going to eat dinner and watch Rome, not host a gathering of spiritually oriented people. The stirring up controversy person is definitely Sharky, but he does that Every day. I give this horoscope a solid F.

I'm all excited for next weekend, because Twyla, Sonny, and the girls might be coming over. Sonny's applied for a couple of jobs in Ellensburg and they want to come over again to look around more. Wheee! I can't even tell you how stoked I'd be if they moved over here. I'm crossing my fingers and everything else I have. Francisco talked to Twyla yesterday and she told him that Frances has co-opted that fuzzy pink blanket I knit for Lucia when she was a wee baby (and which I need to fix, because it has developed a hole). Lucia was the good big sister and said Frances could use it, and now I'm thinking Miss Lucia needs a new blanket of her own; possibly a funky quilt this time. Frances won't care--she's not old enough to get truly jealous yet, and I can distract her with something shiny anyway. I wish there was a fabric store in this town. Or rather, I wish there was a fabric store here that hasn't gone out of business in the past few months. I guess another trip to Yakima is in order, but that's okay because they have a Mongolian grill I really like.

This is all for today.




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