TIP OF THE DAY: If you eat Babybel cheeses and prefer them room temperature rather than freshly cold out of the refrigerator, try putting your cheese in your cleavage for ten or fifteen minutes--works like a charm. Men, I guess you're stuck putting your cheese in your underpants. Sorry.

Last night's plan of watching Rome while eating dinner (omelettes, fresh sourdough bread, salad, wine) worked out perfectly. I'm so glad that series is back from hiatus--it totally Rules. The only bad thing about it is it makes me crave figs, which Francisco says we can't grow here, but my preliminary research has revealed we can TOO grow them here. There are a few varieties that do well in zone 7 without any protection, so here in zone 6b, we'd have to wrap them up in the real cold temperatures, but they'd be okay. Oh figs, how I love you. Someday I shall be nourished by fruit you grow especially for me. Francisco and Sharky can have some too, I guess, but I shall resent it.

When I checked Sitemeter.com today (which I like to do, because it's interesting to see where people are reading from), it told me that someone from UC Davis had read 7 pages of my diary yesterday. Specifically it told me someone from the office of the president of UC Davis had read my diary, and while I don't think it necessarily means the actual president of UC Davis is reading my diary, what if he/she was? I just can't imagine what a person with that kind of responsible and powerful job would want with this diary, unless of course he/she really likes reading about cats and cameras and how to warm cheese in your bra or underpants. So, if you're reading this and do happen to be the president of UC Davis, it would be fun if you left a comment, just to say hello. Also, if you could see your way clear to bestowing upon me an honorary doctorate of something or other, that would be swell too.

This afternoon my boss asked me to be on another office's interview committee for a position they're filling (apparently it's university procedure to form a committee when hiring), and of course I said yes. There are 3 scheduled; 1 on Friday, 1 next Tuesday, and 1 next Thursday. Hopefully it will be fun and not painful: I will report back.

So, you know how we watched Samurai Champloo and it was the first anime we ever tried out and we totally loved it? We're now watching Cowboy Bebop, and are liking that. It's super cool and stylistic, and do you want to know why I'm making a point of telling you this, about the anime? It's because Juan's head will explode, that's why. What better reason could there be?




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