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Well. This was a big week for me, Internet. A week of such Hugeosity that there's no way for me to even convey the massiveness to you. It was a week of doing super hard things that turned out to be utterly cathartic, the outcomes of which I wouldn't give up for the world. By the time I got to my previously-dreaded aid presentation yesterday afternoon, I was barely nervous about it, because how could it be even a tenth as difficult as the things I'd already done that week? It couldn't, that's how. I did the hell out of that presentation and redeemed my honor and that of my whole family. Last week? One of the BEST WEEKS EVER.

Francisco and I went out for dinner last night, to a restaurant two of my coworkers love; it turns out we love it too. It's fairly casual but with great food, and there was a guy (one of the local "cowboy poets") playing guitar and singing, and we saw one of my coworkers and her husband there and talked to them while we sipped our martinis. It was just really nice and a stellar way to end an already amazing week.

cowboy poet in full song mode

I took a couple of other pictures yesterday that I really like; I hope you won't mind if I share them with you.

the odd-numbered aisles

SUB/REC 140, take 2

We've had a weather phenomenon called "freezing fog" here the past few days [well, maybe it's not a Phenomenon, but I've never seen it before and it seems pretty nutty]; it's making everything beautiful. Basically, fog is freezing onto trees and shrubs and forming ice needles, which then form more ice needles. I'm in love with this freezing fog and hope it stays around a few more days at least.

freezing fog closeup

freezing fog

In other news, I started going to the gym alone in the mornings before work this week; I went Thursday and Friday and am going to make it a habit because it is very very good. On Thursday I was a little vexed, however, because I went out to start the car and warm it up for a few minutes, and I apparently forgot I live in a cold climate now. I strode down the walkway to the sidewalk, and the minute I hit the sidewalk it was like Bambi On Ice, ending with me flat on my stomach. Not funny, Universe. Note to self: Ice forms overnight.

Tonight my coworker, Greg, is coming over for dinner; I think it'll be really fun. And right now I need to start doing stuff in preparation for the evening, as well as other stuff I want to do anyway, like folding a bunch of origami cranes for my office. I'ma hit it, my beauties.




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