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I think squirrels are creating unrealistic expectations for us, as well as setting impossible standards for themselves, when they spend so much of the time doing the hoppy running or that smooth flowy-tailed bounding of theirs. That occurred to me this morning when I saw a squirrel walking like a normal 4-legged mammal and I wondered what was wrong with it. After it saw me it started hoppy running, and I thought, "Oh, please--I'M ONTO YOU!" I bet they wish they could just walk everywhere--all that running must get wearing.

Francisco won the revolver division of the Carolina Cup again this year, and do you know, I had it all wrong with what he was doing on Thursday and Friday. Since he and a bunch of other guys were going to be working as Safety Officers (I have no idea what that encompasses) during the Cup, they all went through the stages on Thursday and Friday, as their official competition times. This means Francisco won the revolver part of the Cup before it even started, and it makes me a little sad to think of all those guys coming all the way from Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, etc, who were beaten before they even left home. Oh wait, did I say Sad? I meant gloaty.

When I got home on Friday night Francisco told me about something that happened at Costco when he stopped there after his shooting that afternoon. He was in line when a new register opened up next to them. The cashier had the first person in line from Francisco's line (the first person after the person who was having their groceries scanned, I mean) come over first, and Francisco (who was second in that line) was also on his way over but some lady rudely cut straight in front of him. He said, "Excuse me, ma'am, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't cut me out", and she said, "Well, I would appreciate it if you would SHUT! UP!" Francisco recognized he was dealing with a fractious individual and decided to opt out of any further exchange with her, but the guy in the front of the line took offense and he and the lady started going back and forth with increasingly foul-languaged insults. I got a little het up just hearing about the incident, and when Sharky asked Francisco what the lady looked like and he said she looked like a church lady, what immediately popped into my head (as a comeback line for the guy arguing with her) was, "Whoa, language! You suck your pastor's dick with that mouth?!" It's probably good I wasn't there.

This weekend I did all my normal chores plus the work I took home. I also made some food--gazpacho and sesame peanut noodles--and it was delicious. I watched the second disc of Tales of the City (from Netflix) because I got immediately hooked on it when Francisco ordered me the first disc. I guess it's pretty much a chick series, but it sucked me right in--resistance was futile. Last night we watched 'Saved!' and really liked it, and then I took a shower and had just finished painting my toenails (a gorgeous, glittery red) when the electricity went off. It was only off for about 45 minutes, but I enjoyed the quiet while it lasted and sort of hoped it would last a little longer. I had intended (it was on my to-do list) to start the first sleeve of Francisco's sweater (the body is done to the point where the sleeves and body get joined altogether) but I didn't feel all that great yesterday--kind of tired and feverish--so I decided to wait on that. I feel a little better today, except sleepy because I woke up around 3:30 and laid awake for a couple of hours, at least. Whoever invented the phrase, "long, dark teatime of the soul" was really onto something. Everything seems So Dire at 3:30 in the morning.

Here's something everyone should read: The Downing Street Memo. I was thinking about all the things that have been going on during the past few years--all the shady, underhanded law-passing, the violation of peoples' rights, the coverups [my GOD, the coverups!], ETC--and wondering again, for the grillionth time, why I feel so apathetic about the whole thing; so helpless to actually Do anything about it. Then I remembered the following paragraph, from Chuck Palahniuk's book, "Stranger Than Fiction":

"Narcotization, we studied that in college. People who were shown slightly damaged gums and teeth, brushed a little bit more and flossed a little bit more, and people who were shown moderately damaged gums and teeth brushed and flossed a little bit more than the first group. But people who were shown severely damaged teeth and gums, really horrible rotted out mouths, they quit brushing and they quit flossing. They just gave up. They called it narcotization, and they created the theory that if we're shown something too horrific, too overwhelming, then we give up all hope, and we don't see that we have any cause in the latter. We just sort of roll over and allow it to happen, and we live a resigned life."

If this doesn't describe the general reaction to the huge number of things going wrong in the world right now, then I just don't know what. We have Got to snap out of it. But how? Damned if I know, and now if you'll excuse me, I need to assume a prone position on my office floor.

Did I mention I'm really quite tired?

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