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This morning I did something I haven't done in awhile; I rolled the driver's window down in the car. It's been broken for several months because Honda wanted over $500 to fix it, but luckily Chris was able to have it done elsewhere for less than half of that. He took it to a place whose official name is A1 Honda Care, but who we call Purple Mercedes Purple Mercedes. This is because they used to have a purple mercedes parked out front, and Sharky decided he could punch Francisco for it like we punch for VW Bugs, and that in fact, he could punch Francisco for it twice. So every time we drive by there, Sharky's fist shoots into the front and rams Francisco in the back of the head a couple times, while Sharky yells "purple mercedes, purple mercedes!" He still punches for it even though it's no longer parked there--I'm not sure why Francisco tolerates that rambunctious behavior. Anyway, I've missed being able to roll down the window to swipe my "let me into the parking lot, dammit!" card; it's easier than having to open the door, for sure.

When I updated on Monday I totally forgot (again) to post a song of the day, so the song for Monday is 'Woman King', by Iron and Wine. There are several Iron and Wine songs available there and they're all good, but Woman King is my favorite. The song for today is 'Boys and Children Sing for Summer', by Those Transatlantics. I love that song! I'm not sure I've heard the other songs at Those Transatlantics' site, so clearly I need to do some downloading of my own.

Here's some cat news: Princess has taken to shitting in our yard, seemingly exclusively, and he is shitting EVerywhere. I think it's funny that he's so blase about it; it cracks me up to see him digging and squatting out there, as though he owned our yard and had the papers to prove it. My other piece of cat news is that Esther has recently been sleeping between our pillows, as I previously reported, but now she's Also maneuvering her body under the covers while her head and shoulders stay out. We've been waking up to find her laying there like a little person, with her head on one of our pillows, and if you don't think that's cute, then you don't know much. I really love that she's sleeping there all the time now; it makes me happy.

I need to pimp out a diary right now, because it is a Must Read. It is Dinahsoar's diary, and when you go over there, make sure you don't read the most recent entry first. When you go you need to have some time at your disposal so you can first click for her older entries and read them all, starting at the beginning. I mean, you can read the newest entry first if you want to, but you won't know what's going on unless you start from the beginning. I really can't recommend her diary highly enough.

Last night I: 1) started the first sleeve of Francisco's sweater and 2) watched most of Escuadron de Homicidio. What that is is the movie Homicide (Joe Mantegna, William H. Macy) dubbed into Spanish--the voice they used for William H. Macy is so unlike his that it's really funny. I've got Tivo Dennis picking up a number of Spanish films and the one I'm most excited about is one that isn't dubbed because it was filmed in Spanish in the first place. It's El Crimen del Padre Amaro, with Gael Garcia Bernal, who I Adore. The version with subtitles is on our Netflix list, but I don't see any harm in watching it twice, especially since I'll only Really know what's going on during the subtitle viewing. This watching movies in Spanish thing is part of my attempt to relearn Spanish, and when I say attempt, what I mean is I'm absolutely going to relearn Spanish, and I'm trying various things to help me in my endeavor. If you've learned a second language before, I would really appreciate any tips you'd have about things that helped you learn.

I guess that's about all I've got for now. Tonight I'm going to work more on the sweater sleeve and probably finish up Escadron de Homicidio, so not an Exciting evening, but I'm going to LOVE it.

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