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We saved the news of the adoption decree yesterday until Boy's bedtime. He got into his loft bed, with his head under the covers, anticipating the poking we usually give him (we get a couple of his various toy swords and poke him with them. some families tuck their kids in; we poke ours.). Francisco told him about the adoption paper arriving and that we are proud to poke him and tell him he's a good son, so we poked him and then Boy said Exactly what I knew he was going to say: "So can we get the rings now??" We've been planning to get rings for each of us that will be our family ring (Boy's idea), and he's been wanting the rings for a long time. I knew that would be the first thing out of his mouth and he did not disappoint. We now need to decide what we want the rings to look like and have them made (in silver, for economy, and have Boy's ring be adjustable for his growing fingers). Anyway, I know Boy was very happy that the adoption is final, because though he did not give any quavering emotional speeches, I know him and I can tell by the way he's acting that he's happy. And we're happy. There's a little glow around our house, we're all so happy.

Francisco and I walked at lunch today, on a wooded trail around a nearby golf course (the same walk we usually do) and we almost stepped on a copperhead. It was on a stretch of trail with a lot of pine needles, so it blended in well and it wasn't until I almost stepped on its tail that I saw it. I am ashamed to say I squealed like a girl. Francisco contends that if I'd stepped on it, HE is the one who would've been bitten, since he was by its head, but I told him I wouldn't believe that until he put together some computer models in which the snake bit him more than half the time. The copperhead attracted some attention from other walkers/runners--we all gathered around at a safe distance while Francisco shooed it off the trail with a long branch. It was a truculent snake, unwilling to be shooed, but he vanquished it. I'm not afraid of snakes (girly shriek notwithstanding), but it is a tiny bit unnerving that I didn't see it until I was only inches from it. Note to self: Be more careful next time.

If I was going to be executed but was given a stay of execution, I would hope the stay would arrive just after my last meal, because then I could really enjoy it.

Francisco has his shooting competition tonight so won't be home, and I'll pick Boy up from Tae Kwon Do. I have no idea what I'm going to feed him tonight; I'm thinking grilled cheese sandwiches, maybe. I rarely have anything inspirational in mind to make after I've worked all day--it's lucky for all of us I only make dinner one night a week. Maybe I could make hummus--Boy really likes hummus and we have all the ingredients. We could have that with bread or crackers, and salad. I think we have a winner.

Nothing to report today--yesterday was busy but relatively uneventful (except for the adoption decree), so I am boring.


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