30 ugly pounds of undigested food


Busy day. I've been spending most of my time answering emails. At one point I was almost panicking, thinking I would never get everyone written back, but I've made a good bit of progress and have stopped being such a big panicking ninny.

Two things for today:

1) Boy has to take some kind of food to school tomorrow, because there is an afternoon ceremony/celebration for kids who have gotten themselves on the honor roll. And people, our Boy has done that. It's amazing to me, because 3 1/2 years ago he was doing very poorly in school and some of his teachers thought he might have a learning disability. Now he's on the honor roll--my head is spinning around. Anyway, Francisco was thinking out loud, trying to come up with something for Boy to take, foodwise, and at the mention of onion tartlets, Boy made an agonized sound and said, "How about a big bag of chips? Can't we just be Normal for once?!" This is in reaction, I guess, to the anchovy toasts he took in that day when the French class was having French food. We knew they'd be drowning in Costco croissants and eclairs and thought we'd try to send something a little unusual. But you know, if the kid wants to take chips, he can take chips. I guess he's reached the age where not standing out is of paramount importance, and I can understand and respect that. It's just so Boring. For our own celebration of his honor roll status, we're going to take him out to dinner at the restaurant of his choice and maybe to a movie if we can find something that is not inappropriate or sucky. Hard to do nowadays. Ooh, maybe Bend it Like Beckham! I'll have to see if it's playing around here.

2) The AtomicFriends have enlightened me today that it's possible to have up to 30 pounds of undigested food in your colon. This could explain why a couple of weeks ago I felt that I was pooping far more food than I was taking in, and I wondered if my body had stored up food for the winter, or something. Clearly this is too much information, and the very idea of having food sitting around in there is gross, but the alternative is getting a hose shoved up your ass and having everything flushed out. I'm not completely against this idea, actually. The most horrifying part to me would be trying to make an appointment for the colon flushing. I hate to talk on the phone and I can't imagine calling somewhere to say, "Yes. I'd like to make an appointment to have my colon flushed out with water. When can you squeeze me in, because I know you're all fighting with each other to be the one to shove the hose up my rectum and dispose of the mess that comes out of there." I have trouble making an appointment for a haircut, for chrissake.

Walked that trail with Francisco again at lunch. No snakes today. Vividdreamer tells a story in my guestbook of when she was bitten by a copperhead--it sounds really horrible! That was a lucky escape yesterday, for sure.

That's all for now.


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