I just gave birth to an 80 pound boy


PLING PLING PLING! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement, and I am very happy. I called home to talk to Francisco (I needed to hear a friendly face) and he told me we got our final adoption decree today. The Boy is ours and we've got the papers to prove it! I'll tell you, there was a point (several, actually) when I thought it was hopeless and we'd never get to Mia Farrow him (his mom took a lot of finagling as many will remember) but the stress was all worth it. What I didn't realize would happen is that the State of Oregon is mailing a new birth certificate, with our names on it as Boy's parents. That seems a little odd but it'll make things simpler when we get him a passport, anyway, so there you go. Wow! I knew we'd get the adoption decree pretty soon, but I didn't know I would feel so euphoric about it. Also, I'm very happy I was able to work Mia Farrow's name into this paragraph.

I've been working today (and every day last week) with the following soundtrack:

"Vrrrroooooom...vrrroooooom.....rwwrrr.......vroommm.....rwwrrrrr.....beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep..........vrrroooommmm." Lather, rinse, repeat. This is because the construction guys are finally getting around to paving our driveway, which is a good thing, but since my office is right next to the driveway, I'm hearing all the noise. Someone asked me last week what they were building out there, and I said, "Everything, ma'am. Everything". It sure feels that way, but this driveway paving is the last thing. It's been a ten month inconvenience, this construction, and I'm ready for it to go away now. I sure hope that damn overprivileged Admissions office is grateful for all we've put up with on their behalf (please. they aren't).

Oh man, I am SO tired today; I feel all zombie-like. I got to bed early enough last night (was really tired then too--more on that later) but woke up before 4 this morning and had a lot of trouble getting back to sleep. This is because I started thinking about how busy and miserable work would be today and I got myself all stressed up and only went back to sleep shortly before my alarm went off. I'm swimming through molasses today, but on the plus side some guy told me, "Thank you for all your help...You're alright." This is the kind of compliment I love.

I'm wearing something I got from the ArtOMat on Saturday. I got two things--one for me and one for Atomic. She had requested things that are more art and less craft; this turned out to be more confusing than you'd think. I found that, just as there is a fine line between brilliant and stupid, there is also sometimes a fine line between art and craft. I got her the artiest thing they had, and it turned out to be craftier than it was billed. I'll mail it to her anyway. My ArtOMat thing is definitely craft, but oh man I love it. It's a bottlecap (Amstel Light) that a guy glued a picture (a woman wearing a tiara) into, added a tiny bit of strategic glitter, and then filled the cap with resin. There is a pin glued to the back, making it a little brooch-like thing. I figure this is something I Could make myself, but resin intimidates me a bit so I don't mind buying it from someone else. Besides, a portion of the ArtOMat proceeds goes to charity, so what's not to love?

Yesterday we went on a hike that we are now calling the Easter Death March. This is just because we got a tiny bit lost and ended up hiking longer than we wanted to, with no water. But we made it out alive (really we only hiked 5 miles, maybe) and went home to make fried chicken. Francisco made the chicken and the biscuits and I made the roast asparagus, mashed potatoes and salad. I was also going to make a blackberry pie but I was too tired, and anyway we had Easter candy to eat. We were very tired in the evening and just kind of sat around being tired. It was a pretty good day. Saturday it rained and was chilly so we mainly stayed in, but I managed to get some tomatoes and basil and potting soil and plant them--the fig tree will have to wait until next weekend. Not a hugely productive weekend, but we didn't need it to be.

You've seen, I take it, spam for those Most Wanted Iraqi trading cards? I've gotten email for that but also for a poster of the 52 Most Wanted Iraqis, and I can sort of picture me buying that, to hang in my office at work. It is so ridiculous, and I Love the ridiculous.

Out of time now; I need to call a bunch of people back before I can go home. Have a great night!!

Love to all,


PS Holes is the best kid movie I think I've ever seen, and I give it three and a half thumbs (out of a possible four and one-eighth thumbs). Even people who didn't have kids dragging them to the movie would enjoy this, I bet. |


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