receding mucus


For some ridiculous reason, I've gotten in the habit of checking my horoscope on MSN, and today it gave me what has got to be the Most Pretentious Horoscope Ever:

January 9, 2007
Today, Eva, someone might ask you what you're up to or what you're thinking about. Scorpios often think about things that are often inaccessible to most people. Today it will be as if you have gone totally inside yourself on your quest for answers to your spiritual questions or to the secrets of life. Just tell that person you are trying to rest, as they probably won't understand what you're thinking about anyway...

Work got super busy as of last week (still busy) and I'm way behind in my personal correspondence. I mean, I was behind before work got so busy, but lately there's been no opportunity for me to catch up. This is vexing, but I assume things will settle down a little bit soon; maybe after next week is over.

My cold is still hanging around, but it's on the wane. The tide started to turn as soon as Francisco located and extracted the humidifier from wherever we shoved it when we were unpacking from our move. Any of you who have colds might want to consider humidifier use; it worked wonders.

Not a lot to report from the weekend; I did very little other than rest. I rolled some yarn into balls and started another hat (for me this time) and thought about all the projects I want to finish/do, but that's about it.

In lieu of thinking up anything else to tell you, which probably wouldn't happen anyway, as I have a brain cloud today, I wish I had the balls to do this. But I don't.




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