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Lovies, I feel a thousand years old today. I have a cold I contracted last weekend (possibly from Baby Frances--see next paragraph--, who was somewhat snotty), and I thought it was going to be less severe than the cold I got at the end of November, because I've been sucking Cold-Eeze since I knew it was coming on, but I guess that's not the case. Last night I got very congested and I slept horribly and Francisco slept horribly, since apparently I was snoring (pretty!), and I have no energy today and my face hurts. Tonight I'll take nyquil caplets even though they give me a druggy hangover, because Eva Must Sleep. The End.

But regarding Baby Frances, we saw her and her sister and parents last weekend, to do late Christmas, and it was awesome to see them. When we arrived Baby F toddled right up to me, arms upstretched, and let me pick her up and hold her for several minutes. This was very gratifying, since in the past she has regarded me with periodic suspicion. It was a fun time with all of them until Sunday morning when Francisco accidentally slightly dislocated Frances' left elbow, and then it was a terrible time until the doctor at the emergency room popped it back into place. It was such a freak thing--Francisco was holding her hands while she stood on his chest (he was standing too), which was the same thing Frances and her dad were doing two minutes earlier. She slid down his body and he caught her, but I guess her arm twisted just so and gave her what is known as 'Nursemaid's Elbow'. She didn't wail with pain or anything--she just kind of fussed repeatedly and her arm was floppy; she wouldn't use it. Twyla and Francisco took her to the emergency and the elbow got fixed right up, but not without a bit of weeping from both Frances and Francisco (he felt terrible, as you can imagine). So anyway, if this does happen to be a cold from Baby F, it would be a piece of justified revenge.

The other thing that happened last weekend was the party Francisco and I went to on Sunday night (Sharky stayed at Twyla and Sonny's). The theme was Studio 54 Dance Party, so of course we compiled 70's-type outfits and accessories. It was pretty fun, I guess, but I wasn't so much in the mood for the party, and to be honest, I don't care for New Year's Eve celebrations in general; they feel contrived to me. We managed to make it to midnight, and then as soon as we could, we made our way to our friends' guest bedroom (it was prearranged that we were staying overnight). Francisco fell asleep almost immediately, but it took me awhile, because the noise from downstairs was pretty raucous. On Monday morning we got up around 8:30, got dressed, and left a little after 9:00. We stopped for coffee and scones and then retrieved Sharky and got on the road back home. It was lucky we left when we did, because it was snowing on the pass, and apparently things got pretty backed up behind us. As you can tell, crossing The Pass will be a repeating theme here during the winter months. At least we're not having to do it with wagons and horses, like the settlers.

Did I tell you about all the episodes of Cops that Francisco's been watching lately? He's so fascinated with police work that he can't get enough. Last night we saw an episode where a 91 year old woman stabbed her roommate in the arm, and her reason for doing it was "she was raising the devil at me". AWESOME. People are so much crazier than I would have guessed, and a Cops set will be forthcoming on Flickr, whenever I get the energy to mess with it.

Other things of note:

1) Our roof has been leaking, I assume because there's a whole wad of snow up there and it's melting. Our landlord is supposedly sending some people out to deal with this problem ASAP, but I don't know.

2) Yesterday morning it took me 20 minutes to walk the 5 blocks to work because the sidewalks were so unbelievably slick. This morning they aren't as slick, but it doesn't matter because I wore the things Francisco got me that go on the bottom of my shoes and give me extra tread. Take THAT, ice!

3) Today during my lunch hour I'm going to walk (slowly) to the library and check out a book I've been wanting to read. I'm q. excited, in an understated, sickly way.

4) Rich took one look at me this morning and wordlessly handed me the little Buddha--he could tell my need was greater than his today. He's a good friend.

5) Francisco will be doing a ride-along with the campus police sometime next week; they have two positions that should be opening up in the next month or two and he plans to apply. I think it would be a terrific fit for him, what with all the time he's spent in college. He would be right at home.

That's it for now.




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