I will also probably require a manger


I'm back at work today, after my 4 day weekend, and OH is it painful. As I mentioned to Rich this morning, I wish I knew a hugely gigantic person so he/she could swaddle me and hold me like a baby: This is how much comforting I need for having had to work today. Unfortunately all my friends and acquaintances are more or less non-gigantic, so I have to struggle on alone.

The holiday weekend spent with my parents was very good, but the traveling to and from their house was not. We left home at 6:00 on Saturday morning and it was snowing heavily. We (meaning Francisco) had to put on chains to get over the pass, and the whole trip took two hours longer than it would have in good weather. Yesterday on the drive back it precipitated for all but 10 minutes or so, which was really tiresome, especially for Francisco who insisted on driving the whole way. 95% of the precipitation was rain; it changed to snow just around the top of the pass and continued as snow for the rest of the trip. At last we arrived home and the cats were thrilled to see us. The overnight feline-human bed cuddling last night was NONSTOP: The End.

Highlights of the visit with my parents included domino and other game playing, watching Slapshot (which I got as a gift and also gave my dad as a gift), and consuming champagne with my mom. The champagne drinking was just me and her and, in my defense, she started it. She was making dinner on Christmas night and I was helping her, and somehow during that time we drank 2 bottles of the stuff--it's a tiny miracle that dinner got made and was edible, but it did, and it was. The annual white elephant gift exchange on Christmas Eve was fun too, with my parents' friends, Jim and Gunvor. I ended up with a fox statuette that's actually an old bourbon bottle; it's on my desk at work--I keep telling people to smell the inside and then I laugh, because it smells foul and I tricked them. I also enjoyed seeing my brother and my sister-in-law who is not actually, legally, my sister-in-law, but I think of her that way.

Gifts I received: 1) Two 36 exposure rolls of slide film, for cross processing (yay!). 2) Furry earmuffs that should match my fake fur coat quite nicely. 3) Three picture frames from my bro and his laydee. 4) Half a wine and food basket (given jointly to me and Francisco). 5) The previously mentioned Slapshot. 6) Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride yarn, bulky, 3 skeins (yay!). The suggested project was a felted purse, but I think I'll make a hat/scarf/mitten set, because I'm wearing all those things on a daily basis up here. See also: Still snowy.

The snow is actually quite deep today from two weekend storms and was tiresome to walk through; I assume a lot of people were/are gone for the holiday, because most of the sidewalks aren't shoveled. I wore my heavy-duty boots and wallowed through it the best I could, but it didn't seem to improve my mood any. SOMEBODY PLEASE SWADDLE ME, I BEG YOU.

Favorite thing eaten over the weekend: My mom's lasagna.

Favorite conversation (during the drive home):

SHARKY: Look, a Hooters! We should stop there for lunch.

FRANCISCO: We're not stopping

SHARKY: But this is probably the closest one to Ellensburg!

FRANCISCO: Probably, but we're not stopping.

SHARKY: Fine! But when they open one in Ellensburg, I'm going there all the time.

ME: When they open one in Ellensburg, I'll get a job there and then you'll Never be able to go.

SHARKY: I could still go!

ME: Oh yeah? Picture it: You're at Hooters with a bunch of your friends and one of them asks, "Dude...is that your MOM??"

SHARKY: ........ damn it.

Favorite terribly fattening holiday treat: My mom's peanut butter bon-bons.

Favorite Eugene purchase: A huge jar of the Mexican pickled chilies (chiltepes) that I love so much and haven't been able to find around here. I see a tuna and chiltepe sandwich in my very near future.

I took a whole ten pack of polaroid pictures and a bunch of digital pictures that I have yet to scan/load onto our computer and Flickr, but some of them turned out pretty good. I'll stick a couple of my favorites on here tomorrow or so, in case anyone is interested.

Better get back to work.




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