problematic baby tooth


I am good for absolutely nothing today. I slept v. badly last night (woke up in a panic at one point because I had a nightmare my teeth were falling out and I was swallowing them) and I'm walking around in a fog. I cannot believe how tired I am right now; I'm marveling that I'm still upright.

Yesterday at work was HAIR ON FIRE busy. I didn't take a lunch hour, and it's a good thing or I'd have had to work late. I won't bore you with the massive project the office was bogged down with, but be assured that it was very large indeed and we totally rock to have finished it on time.

In other news, my baby tooth hurts. Have I ever mentioned I still have a baby tooth? Probably, but for those of you just joining us, I used to have two but one got pulled out just before I got braces, back in high school. This is because I'm a mutant and didn't grow any permanent teeth to push the baby teeth out of my gums, back in childhood. Anyway, this remaining baby tooth is a source of aggravation, because it has turned kind of grey (pretty!) and it's tiny to begin with, so in a way I sort of hope it keeps hurting so there's some reason to finally get it pulled out. If that happens I'm going to get orthodonture all over again (upper teeth only), even at my advanced age. I asked my NC dentist about replacing the tooth with a fake, and it sounds like a painful and costly procedure, so why not just do the orthodonture, especially since one of my other teeth has moved in a way that displeases me, since I got the braces off? That's right, there's no reason not to.

This afternoon I was talking to one of our student workers and leaning on the woodwork around some windows in our office, and somehow I managed to get a large splinter in my hand. The student worker in question wants to be a paramedic so I made him extract the splinter for me (he used a knife to cut my skin and some tweezers to pluck the splinter out). He did an excellent job and now some of my coworkers are teasing him by pretending to have small wounds for him to fix. They're also mocking me by asking if I need a sling, but that's to be expected.

You know how I talk about "The AtomicFriends" sometimes? My forum board friends? Well, big things are afoot at that site, as of today, and one of the boards is open to the public now, in case anyone has been pining for a forum board to hang out at lately. Just go here to sign up, and tell them Eva sentcha.

I finished the main part of the hat I'm making last night. Now I just need to add the ear flaps and the, um. Kitty ears. I bet you just thought of the phrase, "mutton dressed as lamb", didn't you. Well how RUDE.

Okay, I need to do more work now.




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