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I'm feeling pretty tired today, so am not sure why I'm in such an ebullient mood. Because it's Thursday? Because Francisco started his weekend today and I get to see him daily until Monday? Because I'm wearing turquoise tights and as much sparkly blue jewelry as I could dig up? Probably it's all of these things. I'm also totally caught up at work, and though I will admit to being a tiny bit bored, it's nice not to have anything to stress about.

Our big house project is about to really get rolling. Our bookshelves arrived yesterday and Francisco will probably finish putting them together today. This means we can put all our books on them (DUH), and decide which books to get rid of in the process. Then we can get the upstairs room put back together, which will be lovely, especially because then we can have the cleaning ladies go back to cleaning it again. Their last two visits we told them not to bother with the upstairs because it was a lost cause, so it's dusty up there and needs vacuuming. Francisco has just ordered our Mac mini, which will be attached to our television and we will then discontinue our cable. There will be some things we can no longer watch except after they come out on dvd, but it's actually a lot fewer things than I expected, thanks to Hulu.com. I hope it won't be too big a hassle to sell our Tivo HD. We thought about maybe giving it to Francisco's mom and sort of floated that idea to her, but after she said (in a disapproving, almost skeptical tone), "But I'd have to program it, right?", we decided to sell it instead and recoup a bit of the money we're laying out for the Mac mini and wireless keyboard. I'm looking forward to replacing the dvd player and Tivo with the Mac mini, because it will be fewer gadgets to look at in the living room, and also I'm looking forward to not paying such a ridiculous amount for cable anymore. I think I forgot to tell you that we're jettisoning cable in order to save hundreds of dollars a year, but we are.

Here are some Brits I Love (I bet you thought you'd never see this "feature" again, you big doubter!)

The Brits I am loving today are David Mitchell and Robert Webb. I'm not going to pretend familiarity with their full body of work, but what I've seen them do I absolutely love. Mostly I've seen them together on That Mitchell and Webb Look, but David Mitchell is on Twitter and he links from there to his Observer columns so I read those too. Friends, these guys make me laugh and laugh and laugh. My very favorite sketch of theirs is Queen Victoria and the Linden Tree, to which I've posted a link before on Facebook, so my apologies if you've seen it already. I probably shouldn't tell you which one of these guys is my favorite, but it's David Mitchell; I just think he's funnier. Sorry Robert Webb--you're super cute.

Here are some things of theirs to watch, if you want to:

David Mitchell.
Robert Webb.
Mitchell and Webb

Netflix' Watch Now has the first season of That Mitchell and Webb Look available and Hulu has Peep Show, if you want to watch full shows, which you totally should. This concludes this installment of Brits I Love.

In closing, here's something cute you could buy for not very many US Cash Dollars: A felted birds nest ring, which comes in assorted colors. I just happened to see this yesterday when browsing Etsy, [LOVE] and did not buy it myself (yet!) but thought it was adorable enough to pass along. I might have to start doing that as a regular thing, because there are an awful lot of great things one can buy on the internet, and who can see everything there is all on their own? Nobody, that's who. Auntie Eva can help.




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