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So hi. I've thought about updating a lot of times in the past couple/few weeks, but where to start, where to start.

To wrap up talk about our vacation, I absolutely loved it. Best vacation ever! My favorite thing about it, besides Francisco and I being together and being completely at our leisure, was the snorkeling we did. I managed to overcome my freakoutedness of the snorkel on our third outing, and using it was so much better and more relaxing than using only the mask. We snorkeled at some amazing tide pools on the Hilo side of the island, and we snorkeled in Kealakekua Bay. The corals and fish we saw were beautiful and amazing and I'm sad there's nowhere to snorkel here because I wish I could do it every single day. I didn't even mind the injuries that much, and I sustained minor injuries Every Time we snorkeled. Cuts, scrapes, bashed elbow, etc. It was the getting into the water and leaving the water that were the problem. Waves + lava rocks + flippers = treachery. But, totally worth it. I'm only disappointed that my cuts and scrapes were on lava and not coral, because an annoying lady told me that if you get cut by coral, it can leave little bits of itself under your skin and START GROWING THERE. She said it like it was a bad thing, but how cool would it be to have coral growing under your skin?? I could charge people money to let them look at it.

Christmas and New Years Eve were quiet and lovely. Spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with Twyla, BroCo, their girls, and my MIL and it was a lot of fun. We stayed home on New Years Eve and watched Dexter (a show we started watching in Hawaii, on our laptop via Netflix Watch Now). We've watched through season 3 and really want season 4 to be on dvd already so we can watch it. Don't tell me what happens! In the meantime we're watching Weeds, which wow I really love.

[One last tv thing, Project Runway! New season! I'm so excited.]

Esther Update: Since I last updated, with words and not just movies, we have purchased a small cat bed and Esther is in love with it. She lays in it all day every day and sometimes she's so snuggled in there she won't even lift her head when I get home from work. It is her BFF, her soulmate, her other half. She's not a small cat so she really fills that bed up: She's like 6 pounds of flour in a 5 pound bag in there. Anyway, she's still adorable and I still love her like crazy. End Update.

Also since I last updated with words, Francisco and I have done a big reorganization in our house. We moved the tv back downstairs and are making the upstairs into a library/office/workspace. This transformation has been hampered by the bookshelves we ordered taking forever to arrive, but they're scheduled for delivery tomorrow. The living room is making me so happy right now. We put the love seat from upstairs in there, as well as mounting the tv on the wall, and I'm really happy with the way it's turned out. We still watch television while we have dinner, but now we can sit at the dining table! Ooh la la, how fancy. I'm surprised by how much I like sitting at the table to eat; it's way better than eating on the couch. For me, anyway.

Note to a coworker who will never read this: Please cut down on the useage of "in reference to". There are many handy words and phrases that can take its place, depending on context. I suggest: About, regarding, "as regards", with [yes--she uses it where she could use 'with'], "as concerns", "as to", "in relation to". This is just a smattering. Should you grow bored of these, or if they don't have enough syllables for you, there are many more available to you via [via! that should have been on there, believe it or not] an internet thesaurus. Make use of it. Thank you cooperate.

Alright, I think you've had enough excitement for one day. I don't want you kids too riled up to sleep tonight.




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