really? Chauncy?


I got the best texts yesterday, from Sharky's best friend and [now] roommate (Shark and my brother and Shark's friend moved into a 3 bedroom rental house about 6 weeks ago):

HIM: Hey this is Owen and I was wondering if Sharky* had a black bodyguard/limo driver named Chauncy who was from Compton and took him to Disneyland.

ME: Well Owen, what do your instincts tell you about that?

HIM: No, but he told me to ask.

ME: Chauncy was pretty cool. One time he took us all to the fights and then out for ribs.

HIM: Ya that's cool lol. I didn't think Sharky was telling the truth, thanks for that, do a lot of his friends ask u about that?

ME: You're the first, kitten. You text me anytime with questions.

HIM: Oh k I will thank you have a good day.

A minute later my phone rang and it was the Shark, marveling at how gullible Owen is. I told him I was sure Owen would know I was kidding about the fights and the ribs, but Shark said Owen thought I was serious, and the Chauncy lie was cemented as truth. Shark says he'll tell him eventually, but not anytime soon. Oh Owen. He is the PERFECT sidekick for Shark.

At the suggestion of BroCo (who always has the best ideas), I'm going to use the internet to find a picture of a guy who looks like he could be a bodyguard/limo driver named Chauncy, print and frame it, and send it to the Shark. He can put it on his wall or whatever.

Oh I'm SO glad it's the weekend. We plan to go to Costco tomorrow, and a couple other stores, but that's about it for plans and I'm A-okay with that. I hope you have a great weekend!


*Owen said the Sharky's real name, of course. I feel I could start using Shark's real name, now that he's an adult and all, but I'd rather keep up the pseudonym because he deserves his privacy.



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